‘Attack Zuma Not Gordhan For The State Woes’ COPE Slams COSATU


The Congress of the People – COPE slams COSATU (Congress Of South African Trade Union) for blaming the cabinet ministers for the current mishaps  in the country saying the union is taking on the wrong persons and institutions.

“Cosatu has through it’s general secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali, has on Thursday said some Cabinet ministers had a disturbing pattern of behaviour” and accused them of targeting the federation’s affiliates in public.

The union, in its speech at the central executive committee (CEC) meeting, singled out Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan saying they all have a hand in the appalling state of the nation.

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On the Finance minister Gordhan Pravin, the union said he had not been helpful to the cause of the working class and accused him of being one of the ministers who reviewed and misinterpreted the policies of the ANC.

It also accused him of “continuously (using) public servants as scapegoats for the country’s economic woes and his austerity measures … (were) hitting the working class hard.

However, COPE slams COSATU saying such derogatory statements about the finance minister Gordhan is unacceptable and that the country’s economic woes should be directed straight to president Jacob Zuma and his administration.

“Cosatu should really be directing its ire at Mr Jacob Zuma, the chief architect of economic destruction in South Africa. It was he who fired Nhlanhla Nene and rocked the economy to its very foundation. It was he who created one of the world’s largest government to reward his supporters and lifted the national debt to R2-trillion and soaring. Cosatu should take a moment to examine the cost of servicing that debt which is nearing a R130-billion.

“Cosatu really needs to attack Mr Zuma for being the great wrecking ball that he is and to censure itself for supporting him all the way in destroying the economy. The finger should point inwardly.”It said.

COPE slammed COSATU further referring to its statement as reckless and irresponsible, Cope calls on South Africans to disregard the union’s aggravating remarks.

“Two rating agencies are about to deliver their verdict on South Africa’s credit worthiness and here is Cosatu putting its foot into it. Workers of South Africa should denounce the consternation and aggravation that Cosatu is causing.

“Worker interests can only be served by those who deeply understand the workings of macroeconomics and the singular importance of upholding the rule of law. The ruling party and Cosatu are fast shaping South Africa as a banana republic”.

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Recounting on government failures, Cope said the Zuma-led government were being fore-warned but they failed to heed to warnings. It further added that the current unemployment increase and economic woes were caused by lack of massive entrepreneurship

“The problem of declining entrepreneurship is very serious indeed but does Cosatu and Mr Zuma recognise that? Will they do anything about it?…. It is clear that Dlamini does not understand the role of the National Treasury.”

The party therefore called on Cosatu’s Dlamini to request Mr Zuma to downsize government immediately, keep the rating agencies contented for the time being and agree to step down voluntarily in order for the country to achieve a radical socio-economic transformation.

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