To Ask Blacks Not To Make Many Babies Is Black Genocide, Malema Iterates


Malama iterated his position about blacks making many babies in South Africa. This time, his party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) echoed his stance equating the calls for black South Africans to quit making many babies to black genocide.

“Making children is a good thing that must not be turned into taboo amongst the poor. The idea that the poor must not make children until they are able to get the money to support them is crude and makes making babies the reserve of the rich.

If we were to sustain this logic, in a society where the rich are white and the blacks are poor, it means there will ultimately be more white people in this country than blacks,” EFF argued.

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According to the party, colonial society is rooted on a deep desire to see native people reduced in numbers. They illustrated that colonizers in Americas, Australia and New Zealand subjected the native populations into genocide so that they could be the majority.

“This is crucial because having built society on democratic values, those who rule the state will always be on the basis of the majority. To ask our people not to have babies satisfies this colonial desire and serves as reverse black genocide,” stated the fighters.

Central to the party’s stance on the issue however, is the notion that child grant support lead to irresponsible procreation among the poor black South Africans.

The party said the perception isn’t true “because black people have been making babies even when they did not have any child support grants…Poor black people have been making babies even under a government that did not even care about them since colonial times.

To say they are making many babies in order to get access to the child support grant portrays our people as irresponsible and willing to use children to get access to money from the state.”

To EFF, the ” idea is based on a long history of anti-black racism.” And, “is consistent with colonial attitudes that portrayed black people as incapable of controlling their sexual desire…as people who are defeated by sexual desire, which burns in uncontrollable levels, thus leading to make children en mass.”

The opposition party emphasized that there is no link between child grant support and the increase of the black population. They instead, indicated that children should not be the responsibility of individual families only, but the whole of society.

“We must take care of each other as black people and make sure to procreate in order to reproduce ourselves and our ideas, against the colonial desire to see us being rendered into in-existence, EFF charged.

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