ANC Military Veterans Believe Zuma’s Naked Painting Could Have Negative Impact On His Children


The ANC’s military veterans association has slammed South Africa’s defiant ‘porn’ artist Ayanda Mabulu for his discernible hatred for President Zuma.

According to KZN chairperson of the Umkhonto We Sizwe Military Veterans Association, Themba Mavundla, Mabulu’s uncivil act could pose a big problem to the country and Zuma’s family at large.

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No doubt, South Africa guarantees freedom of speech; but people must take heed not to abuse or insult the president while expressing themselves in whichever form, Mavundla noted.

“So the artist’s rabid hatred of our commander-in-chief has to be condemned by all as it is disrespectful, insulting and flies in the face of the values of ubuntu,” he added.

To the association, Mabulu’s earlier paintings of Zuma; in which Zuma was painted with his genitalia exposed simply indicates that Mabulu is a “sadistic person”.

Also, Artist Ayanda Mabulu’s recent painting – which portrayed Zuma carrying out a sexual act with Atul Gupta; shows that the porn artist has a ‘raid hatred’ for Zuma.

Nevertheless, in a bid to tackle this demeaning act, the military veteran disclosed that MKMVA members would warn the artist to back off from insulting Zuma through his paintings else they would unleash a disaster on him.

“What is going to happen is that we will get into buses and go to those guys that are drawing those paintings and warn them that they can’t insult the president of the ANC,” the association emphasized.

They will also warn Mabulu to desist from displaying such paintings to the public because “President Zuma has got kids; what happens when they see these paintings?, Mavundla asked.

The association said it would also extend the warning to cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, aka Zapiro, who also has “this tendency” of demeaning Zuma.

Earlier this month, South Africa’s artist, Mabulu defiantly displayed a painting showing Zuma licking Atul Gupta’s behind at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg.

However, the painting did not go down well with the ANCYL, ANCWL and many others who felt the artist took his hatred for Zuma on the offensive side.

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But the defiant artist maintains that by stripping Zuma and Gupta of their underwear, he is “exposing the naked truth that is hidden.”

In addition, he argued: “I am using my work to voice out my own grievances and to show love to the people.

People should now understand their rights and be educated in that regard so that they know they have the freedom to express (themselves).”