COPE Presents An Ultimatum To The Government, Lets Sit Back And Watch


Following reports that the government may have conceived to arrest the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), the Congress Of the People (COPE) is presenting an ultimatum to the government: arrest ANCYL leader Collen Maine before Julius Malema!

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the efforts of the government to have EFF leader arrested for his violent threat and utterances against the state have been taken over by the Minister of State Security David Mahlobo.

The plans for investigation follows Malema’s threatening remarks during an interview with Al Jazeera, where he made an open threat that the EFF “will run out of patience very soon” and if they do that then “we will remove this government through the barrel of a gun.”

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However, as the government calls for disciplinary action on Malema for instilling violence, COPE says the government is not setting a good example considering that a similar case was filed against the ANCYL president Collen Maine and the ruling party never took it seriously.

“We wish to remind the country that COPE laid a charge against the President of ANCYL, Collen Maine, at the Brooklyn Police station ( CAS 269/2/2016 ) on 10 February 2016.

“We charged him for inciting violence. When Maine addressed an ANC rally in Soshanguve on 7th February 2016, he said “those who seek to disrupt the State of the Nation address must prepare themselves for a civil war. The youth league will physically remove woodworkers from Parliament.”

As it is presently, it appears all eyes are on Malema for his threatening comments while nobody is talking About ANCYL president. COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem said in a statement:

“The Minister of Police and the Minister of State Security must explain why the ANC was prioritising the case against Malema and leaving the case against Maine on the backburner.” 

The party has promised to ensure the arrest of Collen Maine by embarking on sustained sit-ins at the Brooklyn Police Station to send across their message.

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Bloem had this to say:

“COPE will not tolerate this blatant abuse of state power any longer. We will embark on a sustained sit-ins at the Brooklyn Police station to demand the arrest of Collen Maine. We will expose to the world how the ruling party is abusing state machinery by applying the law unevenly and selectively.

“Nobody is above the law and that includes Mr Maine and Mr Zuma.”

Meanwhile the leader of the EFF Julius Malema made it clear on Saturday that he was not afraid to be arrested for speaking the truth.