Arms Deal – Mbeki Stands Behind Zuma’s Report


Former President – Thabo Mbeki today, lashed out at those criticizing the arms deal findings stating that they’re reluctant to accept there was no corruption in the deal just to sustain the stereotype that regard all African governments as corrupt.

The report from the Commission of Inquiry into the Strategic Defense Procurement Packages as presented by President Zuma said there’s “no iota of evidence…that undue or improper influence played any role in the selection of the preferred bidders which subsequently entered into contracts with the government.”

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Speaking to journalists in Johannesburg, the former President remarked that the arms deal corruption allegations were sustained over many years without facts.

The allegations according to him, are “based on a stereotype and the stereotype is African governments are generally corrupt, therefore this African government is corrupt.

This confirms that there are some in our country who are determined to ensure that at all costs, the perception is sustained among our people and the peoples of the world that the government President Nelson Mandela led was corrupt,” Mbeki added.

“People shout for one-and-a-half decades,” he went on. “And even when they are given an opportunity to produce facts to substantiate the allegations they don’t have them. But they will not hesitate to repeat that there was corruption.”

With that, a pissed Mbeki dared anyone with information that says “these ministers, including the then former deputy president” did something wrong and corrupt to come forward with it.

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Among others who rejected the findings of the arms deal report, the EFF said there are enough evidences highlighting the criminal extent of the arms deal, and “cannot with good conscience take the report by the Seriti Commission seriously. It must be dismissed and rejected with the contempt it deserves,” stated the party.