Animal Welfare Groups Demand Free-Mandatory Sterilization For All Cats And Dogs In SA


Targeting the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance party (DA) Animal Welfare groups petitioned the South African government demanding a free and mandatory sterilization for all cats and dogs in South Africa.

The Animal Welfare groups wailed that hundreds of animals are euthanized due to backyard breeding.

And, charged the South African government save the day and become the blue print for the world in this regard.

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According  to the groups, the South African government can achieve that by making sterilization a free procedure.

“This sterilization cannot be optional, it needs to be mandatory. There also needs to be consequences for those not adhering to the law within a 12 month period of its inception.

Professional breeders will need to have a permit and will only be allowed to breed once every 3 years.

In addition, breeders will have to pay a R10 000 fee per litter. This fee will go straight to the sterilization fund (to) ensure that breeders are breeding to continue their line and not as a means to make money.

Any breeder caught breeding without a permit or more than once within a three- year period will face a R50 000 fine or a five-year jail sentence,” read an excerpt of the petition.

With the foregoing, the petition asserted that the ANC and DA have to take animal welfare seriously. “Free sterilization paid by our taxes” it added, “will go a long way in doing this.”

The petition, in deference to Mahatma Gandhi’s judgment, submitted that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Meanwhile, a wildlife conservation group has queried SA National Parks over its intent to cull certain species of animals.

As learnt, SA National Parks claimed the proposed culling is necessary due to the shortage of grazing caused by the drought experience.

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Nonetheless, the wildlife conservation group dismissed the reason as a cover for SANParks to start a silent culling program.

Speaking, Conservation Action Trust’s Ian Michler said: “if government has identified food scarcity as an issue of serious concern, then they need to deal with improving the socioeconomic drivers of this ongoing problem.

…Culling or harvesting buffalo and other large species from national parks to feed people is not a responsible or acceptable way of doing it,” Michler added.