DA Is Racist, Coalition With It Means Going Back To Apartheid – Andile Warns EFF


The leader of the Black First Land First (BLF) Andile Mngxitama has once again called on his former democratic party to think deeply before it agrees to the DA’s coalition arrangement to rule Tswane.

The former EFF MP who had in the recent past, warned the party not continue its coalition talk with the Democratic party further said EFF leader Julius Malema would be to blame if the DA “rules Tshwane like it does Cape Town”.

Mngxitama, referred to the DA as “racist to the core” and said it would not be good for black South Africans if the DA under Helen Zille, takes hold of the city of Tswane.

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News has it that the Economic Freedom Fighters is about to finalize its coalition talks with the Democratic Alliance. If the deal is sealed, the DA could control Johannesburg, while the EFF would then take control of Pretoria, or vice versa.

To this, Mngxitama said the EFF was the party that gave the blacks dominion but if the DA is allowed to take over, the liberty will be taken away.

“When it rules this city like it does Cape Town we must remember it was EFF which gave it dominion over us. Racism doesn’t discriminate it affects all blacks the same way irrespective of politically affiliation.

“In a few days this city is going to be run by Helen Zille thanks to Juju [Julius Malema]. Those without black consciousness don’t know that white supremacy operates not just as an economic or differential access to services but its deeply implicated in the symbolic,

The ANC is the bodyguard of white capital which can and should have been pushed to return land for the metros. The DA is the party of the enemy of black people. How do you say we must live under oppression and you call it victory? We shall remember who put us under Zille,” Mngxitama said

Few days back, BLF’s Andile Mngxitama urged the EFF to embrace the ruling ANC instead of the DA for the sake of positive change. 

The expelled Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP and who is now the national convener of Black First Land First movement, put forward that agreeing with the DA will only expose the party as radical only rhetorically and it will go down history as the party that helped bring back white rule.

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This time, the BLF leader warned that going into coalition with DA “slave masters” just to punish the ANC was a sign of lack of ideological clarity on EFF’s part, and was no different than going into coalition with apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd while trying to punish black traditional leaders.

“How is surrendering Joburg the economic headquarters of S.A. to the party of white monopoly capital (DA) advancing the struggle for economic freedom?

“Going into a coalition with DA to punish the ANC is like going to bed with Verwoeds [sic] the father of apartheid to punish homeland leaders like [Lucas] Mangope and Mathanzima. This shows total lack of ideological clarity about what is the central contradiction in SA since 1652,” added the BLF leader.

Andile Mngxitama ended by warning – the idea that our enemy is Zuma and the Guptas was hatched in London to protect white capital and white interests should not overshadow the EFF into coalition with the “white party”- the DA. 

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