Watch: Andile Attacks ANC’s Yunus Carrim, Fubbs At A Joint Meeting


The joint meeting between the Committee of Trade and Industry and the Committee of Finance turned chaotic following a brawl between BLF leader Andile and MP Joanmariae Fubbs and later, Yunus Carrim.

Black First Land First (BLF) leader Mngxitama took it had on the chair of the parliamentary committee on trade, Fubbs and industry, and finance committee chairperson Yunus Carrim calling them “fascist”.

This happened during the session when Mngxitama gave a presentation on reshaping the financial sector.

In his presentation titled The Malikane Proposals, the BLF leader advocated for a new plan within Zuma’s controversial “radical economic transformation” which would centre mainly on land expropriation.

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But, during the course of explaining his proposal, Fubbs signalled him to limit his presentations but V who was angered by the interruptions called Fubbs a “fascist”.

Yunus Carrim also subsequently asked Mngxitama to leave the chamber but when he refused, the meeting turned sour as Carrim and Mngxitama almost broke out into a fight.

Meanwhile, Mngxitama who spoke to the media outside the Good Hope Chamber, after he was forced out, said he was chased out of the meeting to satisfy the selfish desires of the white capitalists.

“Our presentation was, by and large, expropriation of white capital to bring about radical economic transformation, the expropriation of land, taking it from their friends who are white monopoly capital,” said Mngxitama

“We gave them some basic lessons in Marxism, which is supposed to be their ideology.”

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Carrim, however, asked whether the conduct would be any more reprehensible on the part of a black monopoly. Mngxitama dismissed his remark as disingenuous.

“You are trying to delegitimize the struggle against white monopoly capital,” Mngxitama charged.

“We are not fighting black people, even Carrim is black, he just has Indian superiority consciousness just like Gandhi. But he’s our person. Ultimately, I [will] accept him back home when he’s done selling out,” said Mngxitama.

Carrim on the other hand, objected to Mngxitama stance saying that former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, who was fired at the end of March, had blocked economic transformation.