‘Take Charge, Be The Vladimir Putin of South Africa‚’ ANCYL Urges Zuma


The youth league of the ruling African National Congress  (ANCYL) has called on the President, Jacob Zuma to be like the Russian president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in his approach to South Africa’s political and economic challenges.

Speaking for the league, the ANCYL president, Collen Maine told President Jacob Zuma to take a leaf from Putin’s political and economic approach that has helped in changing the Russian country for good.

“Be the Putin of South Africa,

“The policies of Putin are very progressive. We are more afraid of the rating agencies than the masses. The US showed that they could elect an anti-markets candidate and they are not in junk status. Here were are receiving grants from social development‚ we are already in junk status,” he said, at the league’s economic freedom lecture in Durban on Wednesday afternoon.

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Speaking further,  Maine took a swipe at the state treasury, accusing it of becoming a hindrance to the attainment of economic freedom by the black people.

“Treasury is problematic. I’m not talking about Pravin [Gordhan]‚ but Treasury. It is a stumbling block. In 1993‚ we were singing‚ ‘Mandela freedom is in your hands’; now we must sing‚ ‘President Zuma economic freedom is in your hands‚” said Maine,

The white economy of SA has protection even from the ANC, the youth league will be glad to see this “problematic rand” fall, Maine said, noting that it was important for the rand to fall so it would rise again.

“I want the rand to fall so that when it rises‚ it rises with us fully in control. Surely we can’t fail under our Putin. So as your legacy‚ Mr President‚ please give us free education for the poor and please correct the finance department‚” said Maine as he calls on the President to take quick action as the youth’s patience was running thin and they will occupy the wine farms of the Western Cape in order for the rand to fall.

Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma says he would not resign as people sing to his hearing. He said this is because he’s resignation would mean selling himself to white monopoly.

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Zuma lashed out at those calling for his resignation, saying no one has told him what wrong he has done‚ except repeating that he was corrupt.

He, however, promised to work with individuals willing to ensure that the state economy is returned to black hands. He also called on the ANCYL to address these issues more vigorously‚ properly‚ convincingly and scientifically.

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