Brace Up For More Drama In Parliament – ANCYL Will Sit-in To Battle EFF


Just recently, our honorable leader demanded that Parliament must stop embarrassing him when he’s abroad. Those concerned refused to honor our leader’s demand. More chaos was engendered in parliament and the ANCYL can no longer allow the EFF disrespect Mr Zuma. They’ll bring supporters to every sitting of Parliament to battle EFF.

ANC Youth League leader Collen Maine said it’s time to “war” against the EFF.

Commenting on the recent disruption in Parliament following EFF’s refusal to allow the President address the house, Maine told News24 that it’s time for the ANC to battle EFF.

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“If they want a fight, they must be given war,” he said.

As related, Maine was asked if he meant engaging the EFF in a physical fight. Responding, he said – “yes” and pointed-out that the EFF has already upgraded their fight to a physical one.

The Youth League leader called on the ANC bench in Parliament to rise and confront the EFF.

“The ANC must use our majority in Parliament to do what Parliament’s protection services are doing,” in a better way, he said.

He was again, asked if he’s calling on the ANC MPs to physically approach the EFF like the protection staff. To that, he said: “Yes, just do that once and for all. We do that one time so we can put an end to those shenanigans.

Julius and his people must know no one has monopoly on anarchy,” he said and warned that the ANCYL can be more violent than the EFF.

The ANC will have to teach the EFF a lesson or two on how to behave good, Maine iterated. To him, that’s the only way to stop the EFF nasty behavior.

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Above all, he disclosed that the ANCYL will henceforth, bring supporters to every sitting of Parliament to deal with the EFF behavior.

“From now on, every sitting of Parliament, the ANCYL is getting in and we will respond accordingly from there in the gallery,” he stated.

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