Wentworth Campaign: ANC KZN Insists Imposters In ANC T-shirt Were ‘Sponsored’


The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal has debunked claims that the ruling party members were the ones who disturbed opposition party, Democratic Alliance (DA)’s Wentworth campaign on Tuesday.

Commenting on the incidence, ANC provincial secretary Super Zuma asserted on Wednesday that it was a set up as there was a campaign to “paint a picture that the ANC prevents people from campaigning”. He added that people in ANC T- shirt, who disturbed the DA’s campaign that day were “sponsored” to tarnish the ruling party’s image.

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DA’s Wentworth Campaign

DA’s leader Mmusi Maimane was in Wentworth community on Tuesday for his party’s campaign in preparation for the forthcoming election. He also inspected The Ark, a housing project on Austerville Drive.

When he arrived Wentworth, about 300 DA supporters were excited to see him, while a handful of former DA members, who had defected to the ANC on Monday, had no smiles on their faces.

While the local government election campaign lasted, DA members sang party songs but their songs were interrupted by a small group of people wearing ANC T-shirts. The ‘assumed’ ANC members disrupted the event by playing loud music in a bid to drown out  voices of the DA members.

In similar incidence, another small group of people dressed in ANC T-shirts were seen holding placards in protest against the DA in Clare Estate.

Speaking further, ANC KZN provincial Secretary  said, “You see a person wearing an ANC T-shirt, then you say he is an ANC member. In some cases, we know of destabilization happening in some of the wards where people would be given T-shirts knowing very well that those people are not ANC.”

He added that such people “could not be ANC members because they were acting against the rights which the ANC had fought hard for”.

Still on the matter, KwaZulu-Natal Human Settlements MEC Ravi Pillay also slammed Maimane, saying the reason his election campaign in the province got off on the wrong foot was because it was a “publicity stunt”.

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It is pertinent to note that according to 2016 Electoral Handbook, it is an electoral offence to force anybody to attend or not to attend a political event or rally of a political party.

Also, IEC spokesman Thabani Ngwiri has reminded party members to careful during this period as there are codes of conduct concerning political parties disrupting the events of other parties.