Serving More Years As ANC Secretary General Is ‘Committing Suicide’ – Mantashe


Gwede Mantashe thinks he’ll die if he continues to serve as ANC secretary general.

Comrade Mantashe said he’s served long enough and must now vacate the office

He recounted that he assumed the ANC secretary general office in 2007, remarked that he has grown old in the job, but added that he’s still ready to serve the ruling party.

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Mantashe indicated that Cyril Ramaphosa was secretary general before he became deputy president. With that, he divulged that certain members of the ANC have been lobbying him to go for the deputy president position.

Mantashe was as such, asked if he would run for the ANC deputy president position. Responding, he said:

“I am not sure. I won’t be a secretary general, that much I know. It is too strenuous for me. I have done 10 years. It’s like 10 years in an oven. You can’t take it beyond 10 years. It’s too strenuous, it will kill me.

“Look at my beard in that picture (from 2007). It is pitch black. Look how it is now. That is what this office does to you. Taking it beyond 10 years, it’s like committing suicide.

“There are two positions in top six that are open. It’s deputy president and national chair, that is all. No one has nominated me for either, so it will be very presumptuous of me,” he added.

The ANC secretary general told News24 that the ANC is striving to conduct its December 2017 elective conference in such a way that wouldn’t thrive disunity.

“If we allowed a stampede and everyone just says ‘I am throwing my name in hat’ it will cause a messy competition. My own view is we should go back to the basic documents of the ANC,” he stated.

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Meanwhile, ANC has responded to its chief whip call for the entire National Executive Committee (NEC) to step down.

Jackson Mthembu said the entire NEC must resign. “If we don’t do this thing then the ANC will lose the mission that is tasked with the total liberation of our people, they will be out of power come 2019,” Mthembu asserted.

Speaking for the ruling party, Zizi Kodwa remarked that the NEC won’t resign.

“It would be irresponsible of the NEC to resign because it did not elect itself.  It’s not accountable to itself, it’s accountable to the branches of the ANC,” Kodwa argued.

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