ANC Commence Process To Ax MP Sentenced For Fraud And Theft


BuzzSouthAfrica reported yesterday that ANC’s MP, Zukisa Faku has been sentenced to three years house arrest for fraud and theft by the East London Magistrate Court.

The punishment follows her being convicted of nine counts of fraud and theft in March. She misused municipal credit card to purchase luxury goods of about R15,000 during a domestic and overseas travel in 2009 and 2010 when she was mayor of Buffalo City.

After Zukisa Faku was sentenced, the Democratic Alliance (DA) party demanded that she should be recalled as a Member of Parliament arguing she’s no longer fit to serve as an MP.

“House arrest will also make it impossible for (her) to do her job, especially in light of the new attendance policy for Members,” the DA stated.

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Responding, ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu affirmed that Faku can no longer serve as an MP. Mthembu divulged that the ruling party is set to kick-off a process to find a replacement.

Citing the Constitution, the ANC chief whip pointed out that an MP automatically loses their seat once they are convicted of an offense and sentenced to more than 12 months imprisonment without the option of a fine.

Mthembu cautioned other public representatives to stay away from corrupt practices asserting that such behavior is destroying the country’s effort to be a great nation.

“We agree with the judge in the case that the conduct of comrade Faku, which includes abuse of municipal credit card when she was Buffalo City mayor, was abusive of her position of trust.

“The ANC will, therefore, begin a process of finding a replacement for the vacancy created as a consequence of this judgment,” Mthembu remarked.

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Meanwhile, the DA chief whip cautioned the rest of the ANC Caucus that their lenient view on impropriety wouldn’t stop an independent judiciary from upholding the rule of law.