Zille Accuses ANC Of Promoting Blessing Culture


Obviously disgusted about the blessing culture threatening the morals of young people, the premier of Western Cape Helen Zille has lambasted the ANC for allegedly turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the new culture of ‘blessing’.

The process of blessing involves rich men, popularly known as “blessers”, showering their younger partners who are referred to as “blessees” with expensive gifts, including luxury trips to Dubai and Mauritius.

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This blessing culture has been condemned by several members of the society including the Young Communist League of South Africa, which dismissed it as nothing more than sugar daddies exploiting young women.

During a question and answer session at the provincial legislature yesterday, Zille implored the ruling party to come forward and condemn this malicious act of blessing culture which equals to abuse.

“When is the ANC going to stand up and condemn this culture of blessing? Because that traps young people into a situation and makes it a common part of South Africa’s culture, which is absolutely unacceptable and results in the level of abuse that we currently have,” said Zille.

ANC’s Siyazi Tyatyam had asked Zille during the session to give details of the programme mapped out by her government to reduce child sex trade in the province.

Tyatyam alleged that the provincial education department had sent a falsified report to Zille when it reported there had been no incidents of sexual exploitation recorded at its schools.

In her response, Zille challenged Tyatyam to report the cases he knew of that took place in the province, adding that the ANC could not pretend to be “holy” because if they were to investigate abuse of pupils by South African Democratic Teachers’ Union teachers, they would surely discover a big scandal.

“But the ANC has no credibility to it. Truman Prince (Beaufort West mayor), after being filmed on national television, was re-elected the ANC mayor. They (ANC) tolerate that kind of behaviour, (they) celebrate it (and) they call it blessing,” Zille continued.

The incident which Zille was referring to took place in 2005 where Prince was caught live on camera allegedly soliciting sex from teenage girls.

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While Zille was still reading her reply about protocols for teachers to report suspected abuse of pupils, a debate was triggered by the ANC’s Cameron Dugmore, who shouted: “What about Memory Booysen (Bitou mayor and DA member) ?”

Zille calmly replied: “What about Marius Fransman?”

It was alleged that Booysen requested for sexual favours from a woman in exchange for a job, while Fransman was asked to step aside as leader of the party in his province after he allegedly harassed his 21-year-old employee, Louisa Wynand sexually.

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