Police Brace Up As Didiza Goes Public Following Unrest


The police are expected to maintain a strong presence in parts of Tshwane again on Thursday as the African National Copngress (ANC) in Gauteng will officially introduce Thoko Didiza as the mayoral candidate for the city of Tshwane on Thursday afternoon.

This is notwithstanding the massive protests that broke out following her nomination as the party’s mayoral candidate for the province.

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Today, Didiza will have to face the media for the first time since her nomination as the mayoral candidate which led to a few days of violent protests in the metro.

Violent protests in Atteridgeville, Hercules, Mabopane, Soshanguve and Mamelodi gave the Gauteng police some extra work to do as they arrested more than 40 people between Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Police staement confirmed that two people have been killed during the violent protests while residents seized the opportunity to loot shops.

In defense of the party’s choice of Didiza, ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte said: “Comrade Didiza is a senior and seasoned leader of our movement with extensive experience in governance. Her nomination for mayoral candidacy demonstrates our commitment to strengthening the capacity of leadership at local government level across the board.

“We are confident that once elected by the people of Tshwane, she will continue to build on the solid foundation laid by Comrade Kgosientso Sputla Ramokgopa and his collective over the last five years.”

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Tshwane residents took the matter to the extreme as an eye witness reported that the protesting party members overturned a Tshwane metro police car in the city centre of Pretoria on Monday afternoon to show their disapproval on the decision taken by the party earlier. efforts made by a motorist to capture the moment were met with violence as his phone was confiscated and destroyed for taking pictures.