ANC Party Member Maimed During A Fight At Party Meeting


An ANC meeting in Mbombela, Mpumalanga turned into a ware front, leading to the loss of one ear and a tooth of an ANC party member.

The fatal incident took place on Sunday in KaNyamazane township where ANC party member Bheki Zulu was contesting for the chairperson position of ward 21.

Zulu, who is responsible for local economic development and tourism in Mbombela refused to give a statement explaining what happened. It was however confirmed that he is recovering at Nelspruit Medi Clinic after the face off.

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When he was contacted about the incident yesterday, he insisted that he could not give any further details apart from the fact that he was hospitalized.

“Yes boet, I cannot talk now I am in hospital,” he said.

Meanwhile, another ANC party member who did not want to be named shed more light on the incident as he was at the meeting. His revelation explains why Zulu did not want to speak when contacted. Apparently, he lost a tooth!

“People from Zulu’s side started fighting with others. We did not want Zulu to stand.

“In the process, he was hit on the mouth and his tooth came out and someone also cut off his one ear,” the anonymous ANC member said.

Speaking for the KaNyamazane police, warrant officer Andries Skwambane confirmed the fight and the hospitalization of one of the ANC members.

“There was a fight during a community meeting; one of the people was hurt and he was sent to hospital,” Skwambane said.

There was also a confirmation from the ANC provincial secretary Mandla Ndlovu who said the incident did take place but he did not have the details yet as he was waiting for a report from the region and the personnel deployed to chair the meeting.

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“Yes, we heard about the incident but there [is] not much that we know now.”

Ndlovu said that there are more diplomatic ways of solving disagreements and the ANC do not encourage their members to resort to blows to settle their disputes.

He maintained that political issues should be solved politically and not with fights.