“ANC Needs To Renew The Leadership From Top To Bottom” – Denis Goldberg


Denis Goldberg, a South African social campaigner, friend of Nelson Mandela and a Veteran African National Congress activist known for his active contributions in the struggle against apartheid told BBC in an exclusive interview, that ANC leaders from the local government level to the provincial and national level are corrupt and ought to be replaced if the party must champion more progress in the country.

Goldberg as a member of the ANC’s military wing was imprisoned along with other key members of the anti-apartheid movement. He was convicted of armed resistance to apartheid and sentenced to four life terms in 1964, and is said to be the only white man to be convicted among 10 people on trial for their lives alongside Nelson Mandela.

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Calling for the leaders of the party to be replaced, Goldberg related that the existing leaders of the ANC are focused on personal gain and enrichment which is in turn, threatening freedom in South Africa.

To Goldberg, there is no doubt that the ANC helped in the advancement of the civil service, health care and education sector of the country since the end of apartheid. The economy he said, is three times larger than it was when apartheid came to an end in 1994. Nevertheless, Goldberg insisted that the ANC was meant to achieve more.

As reported, Goldberg stated in the interview that ANC members have to pioneer the removal of all the ANC leaders by making a definite stance and saying “enough is enough”.

Goldberg was quoted saying;

Corruption is a problem. I personally believe, and I will say it publicly as I do in South Africa, the members of the ANC need to renew the leadership from top to bottom…I’m not going to name names, because it’s a problem throughout, from national, provincial and local government level…We have undoubtedly made huge progress, [but] we have more progress to make…Let us focus on the needs of our people, not on your needs as new political leaders with access to power, and therefore wealth and personal enrichment, which robs us, in a way, of our freedom.

Goldberg isn’t the first friend of Nelson Mandela who’s criticizing the present ANC. If you recall, Desmond Tutu another friend of Mandela and as well a renowned opponent of apartheid once remarked that the present ANC government is worse than the apartheid government.

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