Zuma Reveals ANC MPs Who Voted For Him To Remain Were Bribed


According to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), President Jacob Zuma is inciting ANC MPs to receive bribes.

“…EFF condemns Zuma’s statement made outside Parliament encouraging Members of Parliament to take bribes … Speaking at the ANC rally celebrating his inessential survival of the Vote of No Confidence, Zuma claimed that the ANC MPs who voted for him were given money to do so,” stated the party.

The Fighters quoted Zuma to have said:

“I am happy that those who took the money bayodla abantwana (their kids will eat), forget about them. If they give you money take it, pay for the schools, and vote right, that is the principle.” 

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With that, EFF contended that Zuma’s statement is an incitement for MPs to take bribes for voting in parliament even if they do not vote in the interest of those who bribe them.

The party said Members of Parliament are supposed to declare all money they receive for the sake of transparency.

“In this statement, Zuma is also admitting to knowing a crime that is being committed by MPs yet he is not reporting it.

He is saying MPs took money without declaring it, and also that they should take bribes to take care of the needs of their families.

Thus, we call on Zuma to provide evidence of any MP who was bribed and report them to law enforcement agencies,” added the party.

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Afterwards, EFF asserted it is now obvious the President encourages a culture of corruption.

“…He calls taking bribes a ‘principle’.This is precisely how he as a President survives and lives every day; he takes bribes for his children like Duduzana, Edward and many others.

“By principle, Zuma proves that corruption is institutionalised in the ANC, hence he openly, in the presence of all leaders, calls on people to emulate it.

“This is also the reason why the ANC has not condemned Zuma’s promotion of bribes and corruption… they can all identify with it,” EFF announced.

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