“We Will Live Or Die In Gauteng” – President Jacob Zuma


South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) has reiterated its commitment towards delivering promises made to South Africans. We all know that the forthcoming local elections won’t be an easy one.

Speaking at the Gauteng Provincial General Council in Irene, Pretoria on Friday evening, president Jacob Zuma told delegates at the meeting that Gauteng cannot be abandoned to parties who have no idea on how to run the province.

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He said,

“We will live or die in Gauteng. How could we leave that to people who don’t even know what they’re doing?”

Zuma Speaks To ANC Delegates Ahead Of Local Elections

President Zuma also described the province as the face of the party and ANC’s headquarters. He added that it is only ANC that can move the country forward.

“You cannot have Gauteng not being prominent in … the ruling party. There is no other entity in South Africa that can take us forward. If we don’t know that, then we are committing the biggest mistake as the ANC.”

South Africa’s number one citizen also implored the people to take the party back by voting for them in the forthcoming local elections.

“We have to go back to basics. Go back to our people and ask them to renew the mandate of ANC to lead our people … In simple words, vote for us again. Take us back.”

He added that some organisations were turning the country’s “good story” into a “bad story”.

“They have been telling the wrong story of South Africa for a long time. The achievements of our movement are unparalleled. You can look at our history and Google it if you want. No country in Africa delivered in 20 years what we delivered.”

Zuma stated that one of the reasons why South Africans need to put ANC back to power is for the party to address the land issue and this can only be achieved when the party wins the election by a big margin. Speaking at the occasion also, ANC Gauteng chairperson Paul Mashatile asserted that South Africa’s democracy can only be defended by the ANC.

Mashatile however stated that he wasn’t happy with the fact that when the party in Gauteng failed to agree to certain things, it was perceived as “anti-Zuma”.

“Your attendance is also important because when we in Gauteng pronounce on some issues, we are wrongly perceived as being “anti-Zuma”.

As the leadership of the ANC in Gauteng we would like to be categorical that we are not against the ANC president but we always deal with issues on the basis of principle.”

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In addition, he also expressed disappointment at the number of schools recently torched by protesters in the province.

“All our children must have access to quality education and acquire proper skills. It is unacceptable that they have to endure their schools and other services burnt to the ground by anarchist forces.”

It is paramount to note that the Gauteng ANC leadership was the only province that urged Zuma to “do the right thing” after the Concourt handed down judgment on Nkandla case.

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