ANC Leadership Has Shamed Africa – COPE


As the ruling party continues to defer disciplinary action on their defaulting leader, the Congress of the People (COPE) commented on Tuesday night‚ maintaining that the ANC leadership has decided Jacob Zuma is above the law of the land.

Following the acceptance of the apology tendered by Zuma which was announced by the ANC National Executive Committee, there is no more doubt that the African National Congress has become a disgrace to the entire continent at large, the statement declared.

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“The ANC National Executive Committee announced to the people of the country that the branches of the party had accepted Mr Zuma’s senseless apology on the Nkandla scandal — a disgraceful individual who had broken his oath of office.

Cope labelled the manner in which the ANC leadership handled the Nkandla case as disrespectful to the nation and all respected members of the community who made a clarion call for the president to be recalled as punishment for violating the constitution which he swore to uphold.

“Congress of the People sees this action by the ANC NEC as showing the middle finger to all those that called for Zuma to be recalled — very senior and respected members such as MK Veterans‚ retired MK Generals.

Foundations like Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation‚ Nelson Mandela Foundation and Ahmed Kathrada Foundation came out in the open to express their concern with the wrong direction the ANC is taking.

Faith based organisations and civil society organisations called for the removal of Zuma. Today the ANC said clearly to all concerned and law abiding citizens that the ANC and Zuma are above the law.”

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Congress of the People’s spokesman Dennis Bloem tagged this act by the ruling party as irresponsible and dangerous to the economic growth of the nation.