ANC Leaders In A Tight Corner Over Recalling Zuma


The ANC leaders are stuck in a tight corner as the nation awaits their next move following the Constitutional Court’s ruling last week that Zuma failed to uphold, defend and protect the constitution.

What ANC leaders fear the most is that they will lose face by recalling President Jacob Zuma thereby handing over victory to the opposition parties.

The are holding an extended national working committee (NWC) meeting in Cape Town to decide on the next move to take.

The difficult position ANC leaders found themselves was confirmed as some who spoke to reporters before the meeting commenced today admitted that the party was in a corner because they felt to recall Zuma would be an admission of guilt and pose a shame for the party.

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Members of the national executive committee(NEC) which is the highest decision-making body in the party will be in attendance.

The NEC set an example with former President Thabo Mbeki when it instructed him to resign in 2008, saying under him, the party lost public confidence despite high economic growth.

NEC member said the extended NWC meeting would probably discuss the decision taken by the party officials and Zuma’s decision to apologise for his wrongdoing.

“But that does not mean just because the officials have made a decision we cannot discuss the judgment. “The NEC is the highest decision-making body; we will discuss the matter.”

Another ANC leader said the party was in a dilemma that could result to admitting that the EFF and the DA were right if they should recall the president.

As it is, the house is divided as some want Zuma to go while others who have invested so much in him want to protect their investment.

“There are serious internal dynamics on how we do it. But others do not want Zuma to go because, like President Robert Mugabe, they have invested in him.

“The ruling has damaged him, his cabinet and parliament. There is talk that he must go but we are divided on the process.”

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The different opposition parties represented in parliament will be meeting before the National Assembly’s scheduled debate on Zuma’s impeachment. EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said they would allow the parliament to decide after the impeachment debate whether or not to recall Zuma.

However, if the Parliament fails to unseat Zuma, the opposition parties plan to take the matter back to ConCourt.

“Some people have said the Constitutional Court will be reluctant to remove Zuma but should parliament, after the impeachment debate, not remove him as president of the country, we will head back to Constitutional Court.

“The court can order him to be removed,” Ndlozi said.

Both ANC veterans like Ahmed Kathrada and the civil society have called for Zuma’s resignation.

Also, the SA National Defence Union (Sandu) representing soldiers condemned Zuma’s actions and declared him unfit to remain commander-in-chief of the SA National Defence Force. The union called on the commander-in-chief to be removed from his post and the members of the parliament to resign as well.

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