ANC Labels Ex-SABC CEO ‘Disingenuous Coward’ For Resigning  


Ever wondered who a ‘disingenuous coward’ is? ANC has the answer.

The party said SABC acting CEO Jimi Matthews is a ‘disingenuous coward’ for abandoning his office at the SABC.

Speaking for the party, Zizi Kodwa expressed the aforementioned sentiment about Jimi Matthews.

According to him, Matthews’ resignation was a malicious ploy to destabilize the broadcasting corporation ahead of the upcoming local government elections.

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Matthews shared his resignation latter yesterday on social platforms saying his resignation was inspired by the changes SABC is presently undergoing under COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

To Matthews, the changes are negative and he can no longer take part in them as they are compromising his values.

ANC spokespersons however, Matthews is simply a ‘disingenuous coward.’

Matthews is reckless, he said. “We (ANC) condemn his conduct. His resignation is meant to create a crisis. It’s convenient that it’s timed before elections. It’s meant to create a perception of an unstable broadcaster. Perhaps his resignation was handled outside of the SABC.

If there have been problems of editorial content, he is also guilty. Matthews is disingenuous and cowardice,” Kodwa declared.

If not, he ought to have consulted Faith Muthambi – the Communications Minister – to dialogue on the editorial issues, argued the spokesperson.

Kodwa said Matthews action showed he’s part of group battling to ridicule transformation at the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

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Certain individuals have tried to reverse transformation and Matthews is part of clique that continues to undermine transformation. A lot of senior journalists are aggrieved on how he personally dealt with them.

We condemn his conduct. He could have gone to the relevant stakeholders including the minister to complain but he didn’t do that. He instead chose to go to the media which proves his agenda.

“We would make a call that the stakeholder and the minister must get closer to the SABC. There are too many acting people. There is an issue about high turnover of CEO’s which creates instability,” Kodwa stated.

He said management issues at SABC needs urgent attention.

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