ANC Jabs Political Ally SACP Over ‘Irresponsible’ Talks


The African National Congress (ANC) has slammed its communist partner for washing the party’s dirty linen in public.

The ruling party argued that its communist partner, South African Communist Party (SACP) has no right to allege that a particular faction in the party wields power.

Secondly, the ANC also maintained that the communist party’s reaction on ANC’s decision to dismiss President Zuma’s state capture saga shouldn’t have been ventilated in public.

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For this reason, ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa considered SACP’s assertions ill-judged and labelled it ‘irresponsible’.

It is glaring that the ruling party has landed itself in a vicious circle – ranging from Nkandla’s damning judgement, state capture allegations, spy tape saga and gradual vicissitude of supports from South Africans.

Speaking further in Luthuli House headquarters, Kodwa made it clear that SACP would have acted honourably by tabling their complaint before the ANC behind closed doors rather than publicizing it.

“If the Communist Party is confused about the leadership of the ANC, it is better to express it in a bilateral meeting with the ANC. We are not a faction, we are a national executive committee elected by branches of the African National Congress. It is unfortunate that the [SACP’s] statement is ventilated in public,” Kodwa said.

However, Kodwa stated that the ANC has plans on ground to meet with SACP’s national executives in order to address their differences, although having them around in most meetings is usually difficult.

ANC’s Communist Partner Unhappy With State Capture Saga

Earlier this week, the SACP frowned at ANC’s national executive committee’s decision to drop an investigation into alleged state capture by the Gupta family after only one written complaint was received.

SACP’s second deputy general secretary Solly Mapaila added that the ANC’s investigation into the alleged state capture by the politically connected Gupta family was incomplete and “the ANC must accept that”.

Mapaila also said that the matter is not over as  the communist party would discuss it further at its central committee meeting during the weekend.

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“There can be no denials about the existence of corporate capture. The bottom line is: corporate capture does exist and it’s creating problems. State capture is real and alive and we will continue fighting it.

Those who say it doesn’t exist, I don’t know where they live. If the movement is behaving like this, it will be punished by the people,” he said suggesting judicial commission of inquiry into the allegations.