Stay Off Inchanga, ANC And SACP Are Having A War There, Two Dead 


BuzzSouthAfrica learnt that two South Africans have lost their lives following the political unrest between the ANC and SACP.

According to reports, the turbulence engulfed the streets of Inchanga near Durban this morning.

The trouble started on Sunday afternoon after a popular 40 year-old SAPC member was shot dead in the presence of her community members. As alleged, the woman was killed by an ANC supporter.

Thus, the South African Communist Party (SACP) allegedly carried out a revenge attack this morning. An ANC member was reportedly shot and stoned to death.

The victims’ names are yet to be disclosed pending the notification of the families about the sad event.

Meanwhile, several houses have been torched with residents occupying the roads in protest of the killings. SAPS however, is striving to manage the situation.

Speaking, SACP’s newly elected Inchanga’s Ward 4 Councillor, Malombo Nxumalo divulged that the woman was scheduled to testify in the murder case of Phillip Dlamini who was murdered at a public meeting in KwaNdokweni sports ground in Inchanga earlier this year.

Also, Nxumalo confirmed that residents blockaded roads and burnt houses in Panekeni and Ediphini this morning.

“In OR Tambo area” he said, “a known assassin was firing shots in the air and someone shot him and he was stoned to death. He died outside his house.

The situation is intense, police are monitoring the area. People are living in fear, you never know what is going to happen when the sun sets,” Nxumalo added.

ANC And SACP War Left Residents To Live In Fear

Reporting this, News24 quoted a 28-year-old unemployed woman living in the troubled Ward.

She said: “the woman (SACP member) was shot in full view of other community members on Sunday afternoon. People saw and know who shot her.

…Buses could not take people to work and taxis were not available. Children did not go to school and people have not been able to go to work.

Apparently several houses have been torched, but I am not sure because I have not left the house. I am scared to leave the house,” said the woman.

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