5 Amazing Comedies You Should Be Watching


Everyone likes a good laugh every now and again. To be honest, in today’s era, there are a lot of Amazing comedies on television right now.

That is why it’s perfectly okay to be not be plugged in on all the coolest shows. As such, some amazing televisions shows, dramas and comedies alike, slip through the crack.

While not every show can capture the comedic timing of Modern Family, The Mindy Project, New Girl and The Goldbergs, there are definitely some out there that you might have underestimated and are funnier than you think. With that in mind, here are five amazing comedies you should be watching…but probably aren’t.

1. Trial And Errortrial and error

With a successful season just under its belt, this is one you can’t miss. The series is a spoof of crime documentaries and it follows the trial of a small-town professor who is accused of murdering his wife, and the legal team striving to prove his innocence. The series relies on the comedic timing of its star characters to give such amazing comedic content.

It stars John Lithgow, Jayma Mays, Nicholas D’Agosto and Sherri Shepherd among others.

2. Archer


Having been around for eight seasons, you have no reason to doubt its quality. While it has not reached the popularity of some other adult animation tv series such as South Park or Family Guy, it definitely has a loyal fan base.

Archer follows the antics of a super spy, Sterling Archer, and the International Secret Intelligence Service, which he works for, as they deal with global espionage. The team is made up of his ex-girlfriend – Lana Kane,  his domineering mother – Mallory Archer, probably mad scientist – Doctor Krieger and other questionable characters who should probably have no business being in the spy game. We assure you, you won’t find characters unique as this anywhere else on television.

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3. Fresh Off The Boat

fresh off the boat

If you love Black-ish then you will love this show. Fresh Off The Boat is loosely based on the life of Eddie Huang – chef, restaurant owner and television personality – and his family in the 90s.

Fresh Off The Boat, which stars – Constance Wu, Randall Park, and Hudson Yang – follows Eddie Huang and his immigrant Taiwanese family as they move to Orlando, Florida to open a cowboy steak restaurant in the mid-90s. The show follows the family as they struggle to adjust to their ‘American Dream’.

Constance Wu, the breakout star of the show, constantly delivers in her characterization of the matriarch of the family.

4. iZombie


While technically not a comedy because it handles some darker subject matters – iZombie has a unique plot that allows for some amazing comedic material. iZombie follows the shenanigans of Olivia Moore who gets turned into a zombie at a party. After her transformation, she breaks up with her fiance, abandons her career and takes up employment as a medical examiner – allowing her access to all the brains she could possibly need.

One catch, if she doesn’t eat brains periodically, she turns into the stereotypical zombie; however, whenever she consumes a brain, she takes on the personality and memories of the deceased. This ability allows her to lend her assistance to Detective Clive Babineaux to solve murder cases as her boss, Ravi Chakrabarti, struggles to find a cure.

5. Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is a brilliant satire which follows a shy programmer, Richard Hendricks, who develops a data compression algorithm while developing a music app called Pied Piper. This algorithm makes he and his team one of the most in demand start-up company in Silicon Valley.

We watch as Richard Hendricks goes through the ups and downs of starting and managing a multi-million dollar company with his friends while trying to stay afloat in the cutthroat tech world of Silicon Valley.

The show’s humour relies on its realism, excellent writing, an impeccable cast and its ability to give us a window to witness the relentless tech world that gives us all the apps and games we love to so much.

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If you’re looking for how to spend your Friday night, why not grab a bottle of wine or a few cans of wear and watch any of these amazing comedies in super comfy clothes. It will definitely be worth it.