AKA’s Warmbath Clapback Gives Rise To Hilarious Memes


Never one to hold back on spicily dissing his haters, AKA’s warm baths clap back didn’t come as a surprise.

The rapper who is presently on holiday in Phuket with his girlfriend Bonang Matheba is known for his witty social media clap backs. In fact, AKA could win an award for his epic clap backs which always tops the trends list.

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Accordingly, the rapper once again found himself on the trends list on Wednesday following his witty response to a hater. He took some time out of his busy vacay schedule with Bonang to put a Twitter user on the right track.

How AKA’s Warmbaths Clapback started

Speaking on a recent report by Drum magazine which claims that he had spent an estimated R100,000 on his trip to Thailand, AKA had a good laugh at the figure. He then told fans that the amount “doesn’t even cover the flights”.

Not impressed by this, one user decided to lecture AKA on how not to flaunt his wealth in public.

“It’s so sad how you think the amount of money you spend gives you value as a person this says nothing about you … We don’t gaf,” the user wrote.

Subsequently, the rapper hit back with a response that soon saw funny memes flooding the streets of Twitter.

He wrote;

“If nobody gives a fuck why is drum investigating & why are you tweeting? Just because your man took you to Warmbaths for vacay … nxaaa …”

Though he later tried to calm the reactions to his Warmbaths comment, saying that the area is “dope”, social media couldn’t resist.

As a result, Warmbaths became the hottest topic as users flooded Twitter with hilarious memes. Below are some of our favourite.

Still waiting for what the rapper has for the trolls who told him to hit the gym.