AKA Speaks Out On His Present Relationship With Vth Season


Rapper AKA has maintained that his decision to leave his management company Vth Season was for the best.

Apparently, the company enforced some restrictions on the star who is now enjoying full control of his career after breaking away.

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Shortly after walking away from Vth, AKA decided to start his own management company. This has helped him in eliminating the “middle man” syndrome. He can now spread his wings and run things the best way he can without being told what to do.

“Vth Season would try and do what is best in their perspective… In their mind, they would formulate their own plan, saying: ‘this is how we are going to attack it and this is where we are going to go’. With me now, it’s directly me and there’s no go between. In instances, where they maybe pushed too hard or didn’t push hard enough…There’s no room for misinterpretation now because it comes through me,” AKA said in a recent interview with Slikour.

Though AKA seems calm about the whole situation now, he really showed his anger in his criticism of the company after the split. In a Twitter rant in October announcing the split, AKA took shots at Vth Season manager Benza. He blatantly put it out that the “Vth season AKA is dead”.

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However, AKA said he and his former manager are cool, irrespective of the fallout. It was not pretty but it had to be done.

“I’ve always been one to voice my frustration…it may not have been the right way to do it but it was done and I can still see (Vth Season manager) Benza and we can handle business,” AKA said.

We do wish him all the best working for himself.