AKA Disses Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery


While the French police are still trying to solve Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, SA rapper AKA has come to the conclusion that the reality TV star planned it all.

Apparently, the rapper has been paying close attention to the reality TV star to notice that there are few things that look different in her appearance. Thus, he shaded the US star, claiming she staged the incident to go under the knife.

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The Baddest rapper took to Twitter over the weekend to throw a massive shade at Kim whom he says was looking a little different. To him, Kim looks a bit different and he knows why.

What AKA is simply trying to say is that Kim needed some private time away from the spotlight to go for plastic surgery.

Subsequently, the rapper’s followers responded to the suggestion with hilarious memes and messages. A good number of them supported the claim.

The reality TV star was robbed at gunpoint in luxury Paris residence late last year. Consequently, the police launched a manhunt for the culprits.

On the day of the robbery, a gang of armed and masked men burst into the residence where 36-year-old Kardashian and her entourage were staying during last year’s fashion week. They tied her up and locked her in the bathroom while they gathered all the bling, including a ring worth around four million euros and a case of jewelry worth about five million euros.

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Three months after Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery, the French police arrested 17 people in raids in connection to the traumatic incident.

Until recently, Kim has avoided the spotlight and her favourite social media platforms. This is why AKA is still convinced that the star may have staged the incident to be able to escape from public eye for a while.

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