AfriForum Thinks Cyril Ramaphosa Is A Fraud, Here’s Why


Severally, it has been expressed that South Africa’s Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa isn’t the messiah that will pull the country out of Zuma’s mess.

If you’re one of those sceptical about Mr Ramaphosa being South Africa’s next President, AfriForum says your doubts are justifiable.

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Early this week, Mr Deputy President agitated that the country must recover all the money stolen through state capture.

“There is not a day that passes that we do not gain greater insight into a network of illicit relationships, contracts, deals and appointments designed to benefit just one family and their associates. We now know without any shred of uncertainty that billions of rands of public resources have been diverted into the pockets of a few.

“These are resources that rightly belong to the people of South Africa. These are resources with which we were meant to build and maintain energy, rail and other infrastructure. These are resources with which we were meant to support emerging farmers, small businesses and black industrialists,” he said.

With that, the Deputy President declared that an independent judicial commission of inquiry must be established to look into the massive diversion of public resources.

“Our law enforcement agencies must act with speed and purpose to investigate all these allegations and bring those responsible to book.

“We need to recover all the funds that have been stolen. We need to mobilise our structures and our supporters to oppose state capture and corruption in whatever form it takes,” Mr Ramaphosa charged.

However, AfriForum has insinuated that the Deputy President is just deceiving South Africans with his agitation to recover everything the country lost to State Capture.

The civil rights organisation revealed that Mr Cyril Ramaphosa opposed its joint court application in the Constitutional Court on the State Capture issue.

AfriForum, the Quaker Peace Centre and the F.W. de Klerk Foundation tabled an application before the Constitutional Court on 8 June 2017.

AfriForum said the application was an order for the Deputy President to establish a Commission of Inquiry into the allegations of state capture.

From our gatherings, the application was brought against Ramaphosa, President Jacob Zuma and the South African Government. And, they all opposed the application.

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Speaking, the forums head of Anti-corruption Unit,  Monique Taute said:

“Ramaphosa’s recent statements in the media that he would approve the appointment of a commission are inconsistent with his opposition of AfriForum’s application.

In fact, the application would empower him to establish such a commission.”

While AfriForum divulged that it will continue with the legal process, it reiterated that Cyril Ramaphosa would not have opposed the application if he was serious about instituting a commission of inquiry.

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