African Racial Nationalism: Zille Thinks DA is Fast Becoming Like The ANC


The Western Cape Premier and former leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party expressed that the DA is fast becoming like the ruling party (ANC) because of its quest to win more votes.

In a news piece published by Daily Maverick, Helen Zille, obviously referring to the outrage that followed her colonialism tweets, lamented that South Africa always expect the shrinking of one’s mind “to fit the contours of political correctness.”

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“While travel broadens the mind, ” she said, “I tend to forget that, on returning to South Africa, it is best to shrink your mind again to fit the contours of political correctness.

“Especially if you are white. We pay lip service to equal citizenship. In reality, every opinion is judged on the basis of the colour of the person who expresses it.

“Speaking while white is considered the ultimate sin, in terms of the increasingly popular ideology called ‘critical race theory’…” stated the Western Cape Premier.

Adding that she knew the African racial nationalism is the central tenet of the ANC, Zille wondered if it is becoming the philosophy of the DA.

“I am deeply grateful for the DA’s legacy…If I am charged, I will have a fair trial and the panel will reach a conclusion, consistent with the DA and South Africa’s Constitution. But my personal fate is irrelassertedZille.

To her, the real danger is the DA embracing the African racial nationalism like the ANC. She said:

“The real danger is that the DA, in its quest for votes, may start to swallow every tenet, myth and shibboleth of African racial-nationalist propaganda, including the scapegoating of minorities, populist mobilisation and political patronage.

Then the institutionalisation of corruption will only be a matter of time. If this were to happen, it will be irrelevant whether we win or lose elections, because we will no longer offer an alternative.”

Meanwhile, the Black First Land First movement (BLF) said it will be opening cases of racism against Helen Zille for her colonialism tweets.

BLF said they are “not surprised by the racist comments.” But, are “shocked by those black people who are shocked that the DA leaders are arrogant racists.”

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With that, BLF warned, “all black people who support the DA to know that they are supporting a racist organisation…We shall also report Zille to the Human Rights Commission for racism,” BLF stated.

Furthermore, BLF demanded that the Hate Crimes Bill denounce “racist organisations like the DA” saying it has submitted its anti-racism Bill to Parliament.

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