Rejection Of These Demands Showed The ANC Chose Zuma Over Metro


A coalition between the African National Congress (ANC) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) wouldn’t have been realized on a platter of gold considering the rancorous relationship that exits between the two parties.

We all are well aware that the ANC might step out of its comfort zone in a bid to meet most of the demands tabled by the EFF during a coalition discussion.

But the bitter truth is – the ruling party will definitely find it ‘senseless’ to axe Zuma – which is the most important of all demands tabled by the EFF.

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The eight demands, presented to the African National Congress (ANC) delegation led by Gwede Mantashe by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) during the coalition discussion include:

  1. A 6% expropriation of land;
  2. Nationalization of banks and other strategic assets;
  3. Free education;
  4. Die Stem be removed from the national anthem;
  5. Scrapping of e-tolls completely;
  6. Cancel the nuclear deal with the Russians;
  7. A judicial inquiry on the Gupta family; and
  8. Zuma be fired as the President of the Republic.

As widely anticipated, the ANC eventually failed to meet the demands because they deemed it unreasonable and insensible to throw Zuma out.

The ruling party’s refusal to fire Zuma then prompted the EFF to abstain from forming a coalition with either the ANC or the DA; opting to go into council as opposition and Zuma’s watchdog.

Speaking during press conference in the open veld in Alexandra, Joburg on Wednesday; Malema vowed to collectively punished the ANC for embracing Zuma once more.

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“There will be no mayor for them in Tshwane and Joburg. We are working very hard so ANC Ekurhuleni mayoral candidate Mzwandile Masina does not become mayor. We are only giving the DA our support because they are the better devil,” said Malema.

He also vowed to ensure that budgets that benefit poor people in townships are incorporated in Parliament when the time comes.

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