African Christian Democratic Party ACDP Insists That Zuma Must Fire His Legal Team


The African Christian Democratic Party said President Zuma must fire his legal team for misleading him. The party said that his white legal team made him not to adhere to the constitution. Not only that, he [Zuma] must tender apologies to South Africans for wasting taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

The party president Reverend Kenneth Meshoe made this call. He said,

“The ACDP calls on the President to fire his legal team who advised him that he did not have to comply with the remedial action and pay for the non-security features at Nkandla.”

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Speaking further, Rev. Meshoe argued that the president failed to implement Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s recommendations where she stated that the president would pay back some portion of the money spent in upgrading non-security features in his home at Nkandla.

“The President should have complied with the remedial action warranted in the Public Protectors report with regard to his Nkandla homestead‚” said Meshoe.

As expected, the clergy-politician enumerated piles of challenges he believes the president should tackle during the much awaited State of the Nation Address (SONA).

“The president must also highlight how government plans to ensure food security and also tell us what measures are in place to guarantee that the price of food will remain affordable to the poorest of the poor.”

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Meshoe reiterated several challenges causing national protests and widespread antagonism in the country as poverty, unemployment and inequality. These he said are the leading causes of frustration among South African youths.

Speaking on infrastructural dilapidation in the country, he said, “President Zuma will also need to address the underlying causes of widespread service delivery protests (such as corrupt officials‚ the lack of housing and water and sanitation)‚ which are often accompanied by violence and the destruction of property.”

Coming over to the educational sector, Meshoe said,

“The ACDP would like to hear the President address the issue of affordable education with regard to the #Feesmustfall campaign. The ACDP expects the president to tell students how much funds would be set aside for this.”

A South African analyst said poverty is the remote cause of the incessant restlessness witnessed among the youths. Again, he believes that the two-tier education system in the nation has not helped issues. Many youths wallow in poverty even after schooling.

“It is apparent that given the many challenges facing the nation‚ the President will need to go much further than merely repeating promises that have not been fulfilled‚ or have only been partially fulfilled.”

Last year, ACDP called for the removal of President Zuma, after the dismissal of finance minister. A member of the party ACDP member of parliament Steve Swart said,

“This is in fact a self-induced crisis created by Zuma and he must be held accountable. Surely enough is enough, truth must be spoken to power and Zuma must be recalled for these decisions that he has taken without regard to the financial stability of country and create crisis as we have now seen.”

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