Actress Pretty Ncayiyana Ditches Skeem Saam For Scandal!


Actress Pretty Ncayiyana has left her role as Ayanda on Skeem Saam for her role on the hit soapie Scandal!.

In August last year, there were rumours that Pretty planned to leave Skeem Saam. However, she shut them down at the time.

The actress who was last seen on scandal leaving the show in October 2016 to go back to KZN made her comeback earlier this week.

Pretty has officially gone from her popular character of Ayanda on Skeem Saam, to her role as Phindile on Scandal!. This time, Pretty is said to have a longer time on the soapie as she had a strong role.

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“Pretty is returning to Scandal! She returned to screens this week and will be there for some time. The writers and producers of Scandal! felt like Pretty’s role was a very strong one and decided to extend her character,” he explained.

Pretty seems to have got a special place in the hearts of her counterparts as Michael added that the channel was incredibly excited to have her back on the cast.

“I was told by production that Pretty had to make a decision between the two and she chose Scandal!,” Michael said.

“We feel she is an amazing actress and we are excited to have her on the show. Everyone loves having her around and she seems to be enjoying her time on set,” he added.

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Apparently, actress Pretty Ncayiyana had a tough time deciding on which to choose between the two shows. Presently, it’s still unclear whether the actress will return to skeem saam. Nonetheless, her contract with skeem saam permits her to work on other productions.