Rhythm City: Actress Ntando Duma Takes A Bow


With a mixture of sadness and excitement, actress Ntando Duma has announced that she will be leaving e.tv soapie Rhythm City after two years on the show.

Ntando who has been on the show for two years decided it was time to explore her horizon. Thus, she released a statement on Tuesday, telling fans about her desire to pursue other “goals and ambitions”.

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In a lengthy statement released on Tuesday night, Ntando announced the end of her role as Zinzi Dandala.

“This is the saddest yet most exciting moment of life. Last day with the Rhythm City family. What a journey,” she said.

Actress Ntando Duma thanked the team she worked with and fans of the show for their overwhelming support. Also, she remembered the lessons and priceless memories she has gathered over the past two years which she said she will treasure forever.

“Thank you for making me believe that it’s possible and thank you for receiving my love in return. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever.”

Ntando added that though she wanted to stay on the show, there are other goals and ambitions to achieve. In other words, she is going after her dreams with much confidence that she will be successful.

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“You know what they say, ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ -and that’s what I am going for, my future. I am going in without any doubt and advancing confidently in the direction of my dreams endeavoring the life that I’ve envisioned for myself and making all of them a success,” she added.

Well, all we can do is wish her well in her endeavours. We will miss her though.