Actress Dineo Moeketsi Struggles To Prove She Didn’t Get Her Boobs Done


Imagine having to prove to some so called fans that your boobs are actually real? Eish right?

Well, that’s the dilemma actress Dineo Moeketsi has found herself in and she’s not taking any of it from whosoever.

Dineo Moeketsi lashed out angrily at fans who are speculating that she might have had a boob job.

She added that anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with her breasts, should “shut up or unfollow.”

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Social media was abuzz following a captivating picture Dinoe posted of herself and her mister handsome, Solo, at the YOU Spectacular awards over the weekend.

At first, it was all praises for her stunning looks. Then, Dineo soon had to defend herself from speculating fans suggesting she might have had her breasts done.

A fan blurted out “(I) can see the scars… beautiful though.”

Dineo refused to let this pass as she immediately pounced on the fan for assuming a lie about her.

“I see you’re running with your assumptions. Tape does wonders. What you perceive as scars has been there since puberty. Sorry to disappoint your imagination, no work done,” she wrote.

Now, that wasn’t the end of it as another fan suggested ways that Dineo could have covered up the scar, while acknowledging she looked great.

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“She should have covered the breast scar with a bit of make up to tone the scar a little. … you look amazing,” the fan wrote.

Hence, fuming with anger, Dineo fiercely hit back at the fan.

“For the last f***ing time it’s not a scar! I don’t have implants nor have I had them lifted. If you don’t like the way my breasts look, shut up or unfollow. I’m sick of you people and bullshit lies. I owe you nothing, now I must prove that I have real breasts?! No!” she concluded.