Zuma Is So Clueless He Left The Country While It’s Burning – ACDP 


African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) believes whatever President Zuma is doing in Kenya is less important than the escalating FeesMustFall protests bedeviling the country.

For Zuma to leave the country amidst the crisis shows his total lack of ability to lead the nation, says ACDP.

The party in a statement, asserted that it is “appalled at the total lack of leadership by President Jacob Zuma and his government.”

ACDP accused Zuma’s government of allowing legitimate student protests to descend into anarchy.

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The party wailed that the protesting students “appear to be losing their noble goal of obtaining free education.”

To them, the students have “been infiltrated and hijacked by criminals with wicked political agendas and no genuine concern about the education crisis in” South Africa.

Speaking, ACDP’s leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe remarked that South Africa is led by a weak government which can’t put criminals where they belong.

“We have a weak government which seems unable to deal with criminals. The burning of buildings, buses, and violence in Braamfontein could have been and should have been prevented. The looting of businesses is a clear indication that many who joined student protests at Wits yesterday were not genuine university students,” remarked the Rev Meshoe.

He went on reiterate that it’s not wise for President Zuma to leave the country amidst the crisis.

“…It is unacceptable that President Zuma chose to be out of the country while our university campuses are on fire, and the rights and lives of students who want to carry on with their studies are being undermined and threatened.

“Criminals must be arrested and removed from the universities so that learning and teaching can go ahead,” charged the ACDP leader.

Rev Meshoe proclaimed that the ACDP supports the goal of free education for the poor and the right to peacefully protest. However, he appealed to students “not to throw away the academic year, but to continue with their studies while discussions and debates about free education take place.”

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Similarly, the Democratic Alliance party charged that the violence and destruction that comes with the FeesMustFall protests must result in arrests and prosecution.

The party said it is “deeply angered by the conduct of some students”. As such, it recommended that the SAPS establish a specialized task unit that will gather evidence against students who have used violence, destruction and intimidation while protesting so that they can be held accountable through the criminal justice system.

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