A Look Back at Minnie Dlamini and Edwin Sodi’s Rumored Relationship

Minnie Dlamini was rumored to be dating businessman Edwin Sodi while married to her ex-husband, Quinton Jones, in May 2022. She denied the cheating allegation, and Edwin Sodi, on the other hand, said that he had only met the TV personality once.

Minnie refuted the rumor in a statement released together with her former husband. With the duo threatening to take legal action against those propagating the malicious rumor, the cheating allegation died off.

Did Minnie Dlamini Cheat on Her Ex-husband with Edwin Sodi?

On Tuesday, May 10th, 2022, controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula set social media in a frenzy when he tweeted that Minnie Dlamini was having an affair with the wealthy businessman Edwin Sodi while she was married to Quinton Jones. He alleged that Sodi was sponsoring her luxurious lifestyle, including some of her overseas trips.

Musa also shared pictures of the TV presenter in a private jet and claimed that Sodi was using his private jet to entertain her and her friends. In the wake of the rumor, a series of pictures flooded social media, and in one of the pictures, Minnie Dlamini was allegedly seen in what resembled Edwin Sodi’s bathroom.

And some Twitter users were convinced that Sodi’s longtime girlfriend, Karen Zulu, had taken several pictures in the same bathroom. Additionally, in another tweet made on the same May 10th, 2022, Musa Khawula claimed that Minnie Dlamini’s extramarital affair with Edwin Sodi was the main reason her former husband sought divorce.

He moved on to release a list of celebrities and influencers whom he alleged had dated or had romantic encounters with the businessman. Among them are Thuli Phongolo, Kefilwe Mabote, Mihlali Namase, and DJ Sbu’s ex-girlfriend, Disebo Makatsa. As expected of them, some of the ladies Musa listed as Sodi’s girlfriends and ex-girlfriends have rubbished the claims that they ever dated the millionaire businessman.

Edwin Sodi, who’s quite known for funding the extravagant lifestyles of his girlfriends, has now been labeled a certified homewrecker by many tweeps.

Minnie Denied the Cheating Allegation in a Joint Statement with Her Estranged Husband

A day after Minnie Dlamini trended in Mzansi based on Musa Khawula’s allegations, she released a joint statement with her former husband, Quinton Jones. They said in the statement that all the allegations made about their divorce were false, malicious, and damaging. They also added that the fabrications were unnecessary and hurtful. Hence, they planned on taking legal action against the relevant parties.

More so, the former couple begged South Africans to avoid dragging their families and loved ones in baseless rumors and social media sensationalism. With Minnie and Quinton asking the public for privacy as they dealt with their divorce, many of their fans bashed them for the comment.

They claimed that the celebrity couple got them invited into their marriage by publicizing the extravagant ceremony, which they sold its broadcasting rights to Multi-Choice for R6 million. Consequently, they are interested in the marriage and what becomes of it.

However, contrary to the statement released by Minnie and her former husband in May 2022, it was reported that during the divorce settlement procedure in August 2022, Quinton Jones finally disclosed that his marriage to Minnie ended because of her extramarital affairs. Hence, he would request for a fifty-fifty maintenance settlement for their son, Netha Jones.

Edwin Sodi’s Reaction to the Rumor of Him Dating Minnie Dlamini

Soon after trending for wrecking Minnie Dlamini and Quinton Jones’ marriage, Edwin Sodi cleared the air regarding the alleged affair with the sportscaster. He said that people should stop spreading lies about him. And that he has never dated Minnie Dlamini or Mihlali Namase. He then admitted to meeting them only once.

He also clarified that the pictures trending on social media were not taken at his house but at a hotel, and he wasn’t present when they were taken. Despite his claims that the pictures weren’t snapped in his bathroom, many social media users insisted that his side chicks took the photos at his house, as his long-time girlfriend has many of her pictures taken in the same background.

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