DA Milks ANC Dry As 500 ANC Members Joins Party


As local government election draws closer, political parties have continued to witness a massive shift of their members to other opposition parties.

But the Democratic Alliance (DA) who seems not to be affected by this phenomenon and claims to have over 500 ANC members in their party. 

The DA said this today when DA Western Cape Leader, Patricia de Lille, in Khayelitsha delivered a welcome speech to the new members. 

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In her speech De Lille boasts that the party is doing exceptionally well in all the municipality its governing though she admits the party still has lots more to do.  

“We are working hard in every community to bring positive change to people’s lives. We are excited to work alongside all of you. I also look forward to working alongside the 100 ANC members that we welcomed in Barcelona in Gugulethu yesterday” 

Speaking further, De Lille condemned the ruling African National Congress (ANC) saying the party has lost focus and has now narrowed away from service to the people to self-enrichment. 

“The ANC has changed. It is more concerned with self-enrichment than helping the poor. The ANC in the City of Cape Town has previously used various organizations to make the City ungovernable. But it is clear to see 500 ANC members have rejected this plan.

They know the DA is a party that is working hard to deliver in all communities, and especially to the poor. They don’t want to be part of this corrupt plan. They want to be part of the progress the DA is making,” she said. 

“Mr Nkhola has come to recognize the major progress the DA-run City of Cape Town has made in providing sanitation to poor communities across the City. His endorsement is a reflection of this.

However, Mr Nkhola will not be able to join the DA as a member until such stage as his own legal matters have been resolved.”

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She then thanked the 500 ANC members who are now DA new supporters for turning to the DA and acknowledging that the party is the future while the ANC and its affiliates must be left in the past, where they belong.