33 Firearms Vanish From Two Police Stations In Cape Town


33 Firearms Vanish – Last week, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that investigations have revealed that almost 8000 SAPS firearms were lost and stolen.

The Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula indicated that the lost and stolen SAPS firearms are used in perpetrating violent and serious crime. You can check out the story here.

Now, it has emerged that additional 33 firearms have vanished in two South African Police Service stations in Cape Town.

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Confirming this, a worried Mbalula expressed his displeasure with the incident. The Police Minister detailed that the firearms vanished from the Bellville South and Mitchell’s Plain police station in Cape Town.

From our gatherings, SAPS discovered towards the end of August that 18 firearms are missing in the former station. The weapons which were handed in as exhibits, can’t be accounted for. In Mitchell’s Plain, it was uncovered that 15 State-issued firearms have also disappeared.

Already, the Police Minister has authorized the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation to find out what happened to the weapons as soon as possible.

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Mbalula promised that those responsible for the missing firearms would be rightly punished once they are exposed. He said:

“When firearms in the hands of police go missing, there must be dire consequences.

The people of South Africa, particular in Cape Town are already plagued by ugly scenes of gang violence and other serious crimes where innocent people including children get killed on a regular basis.

What cannot be tolerated is violence sponsored from within the police ranks … It is these guns that end up in the hands of gangsters, who daily torment our people, and destroy the lives of many young people.”

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Meanwhile, the North West SAPS has urged South Africans to be cautious and take extra care to safeguard their vehicles due to the escalating cases of theft of motor vehicles in Potchefstroom.

The police service encouraged South Africans to observe the following precautionary measures:

  1. Exercise caution at parking areas and to report unknown and suspicious persons or motor vehicles to the local police on 10111 or (018) 299 7457.
  2. Avoid leaving or parking vehicles for a long time at areas or streets that are not well lit.
  3. Students must ensure that their vehicles are locked and safely parked inside their premises and campus.