3-Year-Old DJ AJ is R500,000 Richer: He Won The SA’s Got Talent!


You’re probably familiar with the phenomenal kid as we have reported twice about the exceptional toddler – Oratilwe Hlongwne, now majorly known as DJ Arch Junior. Frist, we reported that the kid who was just two-years-old, still learning how to talk and walk, is the world’s youngest Dj with an amazing disc jockey skills. Then, we reported about his outstanding performance at the SA’s got Talent where the lad who happened to be the youngest contestant on the talent show amazed the judges and earned the “Golden Buzzer” which powered him straight to the semi-final stage of the talent show. Now, we’ve got to update you that the young DJ has won the talent competition and is R500,000 richer.

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DJ AJ who was alone at the stage this time, walked home with the prize after he was named ahead of rapper K-N9ne who equally presented a good performance in the finals. Their performances are below, view and judge for yourself if the little kid really did beat the efforts of the grown up rapper with years of experience.

The strongest point the kid made was for parents to allow their kids the liberty to toy with whatsoever they’re fascinated with. I mean, who would have thought that allowing a baby play with an ipad and toying aimlessly with an installed DJ app therein will amount to being an exceptional kid DJ who will later bag a R500,000 prize? Meanwhile, other winners of the talent show so far are as presented below

  1. Darren Rajbal – 2009
  2. James Bhemgee – 2010
  3. Botlhale Boikanyo – 2012
  4. Johnny Apple – 2013
  5. Tholwana Mohale – 2014
  6. Dj Arch Junior – 2015

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