3 Ways You Are Ruining Your Fitness Game Without Even Knowing It


With the fitfam rage these days, it is understandable why a fitness game is your sure bet to maintaining a fit life.

Besides the vanity of it all, being fit prolongs your life, it makes you less prone to getting sick or catching diseases, it improves flexibility, it helps for better digestion, gives you better chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse and the list could go on and on.

However, it may seem like your fitness game has hit a plateau no matter how hard you’re trying. But the truth is, you may be ruining your fitness without even knowing. So if you’re doing any of the three things listed below, it’s time to stop and refocus your game plan in order to get better.

1. Eating Late

Eating big meals after 7 p.m does your body no favors. It is understandable if you’ve had a busy day and maybe didn’t get to have lunch but it is also inexcusable.

The fitness game is all about planning and thinking ahead: you make plans to work out, you make plans on what to eat as well and when to eat. It is very important to never skip meals, skipping meals only makes you hungrier later.

Solution: This is what meal prep is for – planning your meals ahead so you can just eat whenever you need to. If you must eat when it is late, try something light like a salad or a fruit salad or a snack but never a whole meal.

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2. Counting Calories Incorrectly

This is one mistake people make all too often. They underestimate how much calories are in their meals and they end up overeating or they overestimate how much calories are in the food and end up not consuming enough. It is without doubt a tricky situation.

Solution: To get yourself out of it, you need to educate yourself. Read up on the calories in everything you’re using to cook, everything you’re eating, your cooking oil, the macro and micro nutrients in meals, good fats and bad fats…all of it. No one ever said being fit was a walk in the park.


3. Not Lifting Weights

Cardio is good for a lot of things but lifting weights is essential to maintaining a very fit life. It’s good for building muscle, burning fat a lot faster and giving you that defined look that everyone seems to envy as well.

Many people shy away from lifting weights because they believe it is harder but the truth is ‘no pain, no gain’. What many people don’t know is that it is also more rewarding and you see results faster here than with cardio.

It is also not as difficult as you might think. Once you get it right there is no going back – it is a lot like when you go black.

Solution: If you work out four times a week, two of those should be dedicated to lifting weights and building muscle. It really is as simple as that.