24-Year-Old Mathew Maloney Charged For Biting The Head Off Live Rat


An Australian man Mathew Maloney also known as “Mad Matt” has appeared in an Australian court on Monday after filming himself doing what you will never imagine. ‘Mad Matt’ allegedly made a gruesome video of himself biting the head off a live rat and posting the video on Facebook.

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In a bid to create a crazy social media challenge, Mathew Maloney filmed himself storming into a room, allegedly biting off the rat’s head while the animal was still alive and then washing the live meal down with three shots of vodka. Afterwards, he then got a punch in the face and had a chair broken over his back before declaring proudly “beat that“.

The crazy video clip, which he retained on his Facebook page tagged “Mad Matts vids” had been viewed more than 230,000 times with disgusted viewers making disapproving comments about the clip.

Meanwhile, Mathew Maloney did not leave the strings of comments branding him a disgusting person unanswered as he posted a reply showing no regret or remorse for what he did.

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All your comments are cracking me up and not one person out there will be able to say anything that will make me feel bad or make me regret what I did.

Its mother nature and mans gotta eat!

24-year-old Mathew Maloney was later arrested and charged with animal cruelty following a raid by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) investigators after the horrible stunt he pulled in January.

The case was discussed briefly in the Brisbane Magistrates Court with the assailant making no plea. A court officials said the case has been adjourned until April 6.