ANCYL Says 2022 Commonwealth Games Is a Ploy to Enrich Big Monopoly Capital


South Africa’s ruling party youth league in eThekwini has proclaimed the 2022 Commonwealth Games a ploy to further enrich ‘big monopoly capital’ arguing that it wouldn’t be of any benefit to young South Africans.

Chairperson of ANCYL eThekwini, Thembo Ntuli made the remark during a press conference yesterday.

Acknowledging the agreement signed for the Commonwealth Games to take place in Durban, Ntuli asserted that the youth league truly believes that the plans for the Games won’t contribute anything towards improving the lives of young poor people.

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To him, it’s better for the investments the city would make for the Games to be directly channeled towards uplifting struggling youths of the country.

“If that money can be redirected in creating more job opportunities for young people it will make us happy. We want to know (what) this is going to do for young poor people.

“If we look at it from a distance, it doesn’t show us what we will benefit from this as young people,” stated Ntuli.

The chairperson also talked-down the Commonwealth Games infrastructure saying it’s pointless to invest huge money on something that can’t guarantee the betterment of living conditions.

He said: “even if the infrastructure is built, it might be too expensive for us to utilize it. So now we don’t see the point of taking too much money and investing it in things that must be taking too much money that could be used for job opportunities.”

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Thinta Cibane, the youth league regional secretary expressed similar sentiment proclaiming that they’ve rejected the 2022 Commonwealth Games as it’s nothing but a ploy to make big business richer at the expense of small business.

“The capital injection into the economy required for these Games will only benefit big monopoly capital,” said Cibane who buttressed that the FIFA World Cup South Africa hosted showed that the financial model for such sporting events doesn’t benefit the poor.

Durban was named the host of the 2020 Commonwealth Games in September 2015.