The Mic Is In Good Hands, MTV Gets Replacement For Trevor As 2016 MAMAs Host


Following Trevor Noah’s ‘dear John letter’ to his fans, MTV has announced on Friday morning, a new 2016 MAMAs host.

As a result of unforeseen circumstances, media personality Bonang Matheba will now replace Trevor as the 2016 MAMAs host.

The decision was arrived at after Trevor Noah had to cancel his appearance due to health issues.

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Taking to social media earlier today, Trevor made the announcement. He narrated how he has been suffering from a severe respiratory and ear infection which has persisted after treatment.

An excerpt from his statement reads;

“Due to the infection and strain on my vocal chords the doctor has ordered me to rest. I desperately wish I could dismiss the doctor but the added risk of flying means the decision would be highly irresponsible and may cause further damage.”

“I love the MAMAs and more importantly I love performing in my country. Unfortunately there comes a day like today when it all catches up and my body cannot do what my mind wishes it could.”

For the most part, fans were left devastated when Trevor pulled out of the show. A lot of them confessed that they were looking forward to watching him slay on the show. However, in as much as we love his jokes, we want him hale and hearty.

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Thus, MTV said that Bonang will be taking over the mic from Trevor as host of the awards ceremony which takes place tomorrow at The Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. This is great news as well because Bonang is quite good at what she does. So, fans who were having triple thoughts about watching the show can now relax because the mic is in good hands.

Bonang took to her official Twitter account to confirm the news and to retweet the messages of support from fans. Against all odds, the show must go on.