2015 Ranking Of The Most Expensive And Exclusive Estates For The Super-Rich In South Africa


Riches beget pleasure and pleasure begets pride. That’s perhaps, the reason you wouldn’t find any super-rich South African living in a shack. It doesn’t work that way even globally for the chief enjoyment of riches among a majority fraction of the rich people, consists of parading riches which always manifest as luxurious life styles ranging from owing fleets of expensive cars that can sponsor the living of a generation of poor guys, to living at the most extravagant, lavish and best mansions of the world as homes.

The lifestyle is justifiable. After-all, that man who hoards up riches and fails to enjoy them is just like an ass that carries gold and eats thistles. Hence, Hurst and Wills; a buyer’s agent company that offers property services for non-residents and foreign buyers based in Cape Town, and New World Wealth; a market research company in Johannesburg that provides information on the global wealth sector, recently released a 2015 report of exclusive residential estates which includes a ranking of the most exclusive estates in South Africa based on how well they appeal to the super-rich.

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With the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIS) database of the company, and it’s custom of interviewing more than 800 of such individuals yearly so as to determine their preferences, below are the rankings of top 5 most expensive and exclusive estates for the super-rich in South Africa.

1. Pearl Valley Estate

Position: 5th

Pearl valley

Comfortably settled in the scenery Berg River Valley, and encircled by the magnificent splendor of the Simonberg Mountains is the peaceful and untroubled Pearl Valley found in Stellenbosch nearby Val die Vie. Pearl Valley Golf & Country Estate is described as “a safe and secure family orientated estate,” for those who can afford to be “satisfied homeowners…dwelling in effortless quality…that incorporates awaking to the sound of the many beautiful birds, grabbing a cup of coffee and heading off for a gentle dawn jog.” Where you get to “meander through the slumbering homes, past the lakes, alongside the immaculate course, down to the river and back along the bridal path.” The estates is an exclusive desire of the super-rich and is ranked the 5th of its kind in South Africa.

2. Fancourt Estate

Position: 4th

Fancourt Estate

As the 4th most expensive and exclusive super-rich estate in South Africa, Fancourt estate is situated next to George on the Garden Route. The estate boasts of several distinctive residential areas that caters for a very divers clients. Each property type however, is said to be a “five-star setting for countryside living…tailored to encompass both unmatched style and uncompromising levels of comfort.” The estate site, relates that residents of Fancourt have access to Five-star hotel, luxurious amenities, and exclusive retreat for sport and leisure. The Colonial Lodges, Cape Dutch Homes, Oakland Residences, Links Avenue Properties, Links Ridge Properties and Montagu Ridge Properties are the six different residential units meant to cater for individual living preferences. Albeit super-rich individuals.

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3. Pezula Private Estate

Position: 3rd

Pezula Private Estate

Although the Pezula Private estate in yet to be fully developed, it’s already a favorite of the super-rich guys, and is ranked the 3rd most exclusive estate of its kinds. You’ll find Pezula Private estate resting at the striking divide between land and the body of water at the East Head, encompassed by the majestic appeal of the Outeniqua mountains. The estate which is one of the lowest density estates of the country is located nearby Pezula Golf Estate at the South Western Cape coast, towards the bank of Noetzie river in Knysna. The Estate was reportedly recognized as one of the most environmentally aware and best luxury developments in the world. Also, the estate’s name was derived from the African word that means “up high with the gods”. So, the estate is exclusively meant for super-rich individuals who wants to live up high like the gods.

4. The Gentleman’s Estate

Position: 2nd

The Gentleman’s Estate

The definition of “gentleman” here is super-rich. The estate which is presently developed within another estate is situated at Val die Vie in Stellenbosch. The VAL DE VIE site related that the rich soil of Val de Vie’s Gentleman’s Estate is awaiting nurture as the estate, often described as the most breathtaking region in South Africa, offers “the opportunity to live life as you would on an expansive farm; to keep horses and certain breeds of livestock, and to cultivate vineyards, olive groves or organic vegetable alongside the life-giving waters of the Berg River.” The undoubtedly unique Estate is regarded as spacious and close to nature “without the stresses often associated with commercial farming or the extent of management required for the maintenance of larger farms.”

5. Zimbali Estate

Position: 1st

Zimbali Estate

If there’s anywhere to refer to as “heaven on earth” in South Africa this year, its Zimbali Estate. It is the most exclusive and expensive estate in the country that appeals to the super-rich individuals. The 700 hectare estate located towards north Durban just next to Balito is regarded as paradise. The estate as described in its online site is “a place where endless golden beaches divide the warm Indian Ocean and the lush coastal vegetation, a place where schools of dolphins frolic in the waves and gentle whale sharks cruise lazily by, a place where shy blue duiker and families of bush buck wander through indigenous gardens, a place with two private championship signature golf courses…a place with world-class hotels with rim flow pools which captivate your imagination and delight your senses.” Hope you now see why the estate is the favorite of high net worth individuals in South Africa?

While the poor scramble for roofs, any roof to shelter them, the rich, especially those with high net worth do not just need a shelter but such that’s spacious, exclusive, secure, and offers good and  natural scenery. These qualities according to Basil Weinrich, an estate property specialist are “the top things that wealthy people look for when buying an estate property.”

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