10 Simple Things That Feel Almost As Good As Sex


It is common for everyone to want to give in to their hedonistic tendencies every once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel ‘good’. However, not all pleasure in life comes from sex or sex-related practices.

You’d be surprised to know that you don’t have to go all out to feel genuine pleasure. Something as simple as eating a really good piece of chocolate can get you right where you need to be. So here are some simple things that feel almost as good as sex…simply orgasmic.

1. Popping A Bubble Wrap

popping bubble wrap

This is one simple, child-like activity that you never get too old for. Popping bubble wraps are actually crazy, insanely addictive and you’ll find yourself unable to stop until all the bubbles are popped. You might not know this but popping bubble wraps actually has a therapeutic effect: not only does it leave you calmer, it also makes you more alert.

2. The ‘Yawn-Stretch’ Combo

yawn stretch

It doesn’t matter if it’s at the end of a stressful day or literally just when you wake up, very few things feel better than the yawn-stretch combination. The yawn-stretch combo instantly relieves you and de-stresses you too.

3. Peeing After Holding It For A Long While

peeing rainbows

The feeling of peeing after holding it in for a while, especially after you’ve had a few drinks, is probably one of the most orgasmic feelings out there. Bonus points if it’s at the end of a long stressful day.

4. Taking Off Heels At The End Of The Day

high heels

Women wear heels for different reasons – to look more elegant, to feel better about themselves, to pull their outfit together, to try new things. Well, whatever the reason, there is no denying that taking heels off at the end of the day is one of the best feelings ever- it’s practically divine.

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5. Taking A Warm Bath/Shower When It’s Insanely Cold


Cold weather can be fun – it’s good for cuddling with your loved one and watching your favorite movie. Sometimes, it’s the perfect excuse to take a sick day from work, if you’re lucky. However, one thing we can all agree on is that a warm shower on a cold day is irreplaceable. The colder the better, I say.

6. Taking Off Your Bra


If you’re a woman (or a straight man), there’s no denying the amazing feeling that comes with taking off a bra. For the ladies, letting the ladies hang after a long day is not only freeing but also deserved.

7. Catching Your Phone Just In Time After You Accidentally Drop it


That feeling when your phone slips out of your hand can only be described as pure ‘panic’. However, catching the phone before it reaches the cold, hard ground is practically heroic. You may or may not feel like the greatest of all time when you save your phone. Bonus points if your phone was actually saved by your earphones, that’s an even better feeling.

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8. Wiggling Your Ear

ear 2

Fair Warning: Doing this can steal a fair amount of your time. It feels just that good. Wiggling your ear with your finger to get rid of an itch is literally an easy and immediate way to feel good instantly.

9. When Your discover Your New Favorite Song


That moment when you hear a random song and instantly fall in love with it is absolutely amazing. It gets even better when you listen to it more and more and realize the song has ‘layers’ to it. You find yourself appreciating the words more, the beats more, the production more and the backup vocals more. All this adds up to a truly orgasmic experience.

10. Coming Home To A Good Meal After A long Day


Whether it’s a takeaway meal from your favorites place or that home cooked meal that you’ve been thinking about all day, nothing beats the joy of coming home and just having some of your favorite meal.

A good meal can always turn a bad day around. It gets even better when you have nothing to do after eating except lying on your back and resting or even catching up on your favorite shows.