Watch: US-Based Fashionista Buhle Mkhize Goes Topless To Prove A Point


Never one to hide her assets, US-based fashionista Buhle Mkhize has increased the temperature on Instagram with her latest bare-it-all video.

Anybody that follows Buhle’s activities on social media can attest to the fact that the diva is well endowed in the right places.

In addition, she’s always ready to bless her followers with some bootylicious snapshots that leaves no stone unturned. To cut to the chase, she’s not shy to flaunt what her mama gave her even on social media.

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Still ready to flaunt her assets at any point in time, Buhle has treated her followers to a provocative video of herself going topless on a beach in Greece. In the video, Buhle entices her followers with some seductive movement that sends a myriad of erotic messages to the brain.

Eventually, she dropped more than a few jaws as she removes her bikini top and covers her boobs with a red hat. There’s more… the hat later went off and the rest is best viewed below. However, her purpose this time is not to throw shades at haters. She just wanted to share her secret to a stretch mark free body.

Rєpσѕt😝😅. This is fσr thє lαdiєѕ I prσmisєd thє ѕtrєtchmαrk rєmєdy tσ. First, αllow mє tσ prσudly αnnσuncє thαt I hαd zєrσ bσdy mαkє up σn yєstєrdαу ( I usuαlly wєαr Dєrmαblєnd tσ hidє thє littlє bit σf strєtchmαrks I hαvє lєft). I fσrgσt it αt thє hσtєl yєѕtєrdαу but I nσw think it's grєαt thαt hαppєnєd,I gєt tσ ѕhσw yσu whєrє thє rєmєdy rєαlisticαlly hαѕ mє αt this pσint. Anywαу hєrє it is ! : 1 Aℓσє Vєrα lєαf 1/2 Tєαѕρσσn Gєrαníum Oιℓ 1/2 Tєαѕρσσn Myrrh Oιℓ 1/2 Tєαѕρσσn Wιtch Hαzєℓ Oιntmєnt Dιrєctíσnѕ | Rєmσvє Aℓσє Vєrα thσrnѕ. YES, yσu cαn usє Alσє νєrα gєl frσm thє ѕhσps, just mαkє ѕurє its in its mσѕt σrgαnic fσrm. Tαkє thє ѕtíckч gєl αnd αpplч σn чσur ѕtrєtchmαrkѕ. Lєανє ιt σn fσr twσ hσurѕ bєfσrє rínѕíng σff wíth wαrm wαtєr. Mιх thє twσ σílѕ, ωαrm thєm up ín α mícrσwαvє fσr fσrtч fívє ѕєcσndѕ, αdd wítch hαzєl αnd thєn αpplч tσ thє αffєctєd αrєα. Bєѕt tσ αpplч αnd lєαvє σn σvєrníght. In cαѕє чσu αrє curíσuѕ, I cαmє up wíth thíѕ bу thσrσughlч rєѕєαrchíng ѕkín tíghtєníng σílѕ, I aℓrєαdч knєw αbσυt αlσє vєrα, υmαmα wαmí wαчєthαkαthα, I knσw α LOT😂😆.Anчwαч I hαd α fєw fríєndѕ αnd thєn Thє Sιѕterhσσd trч ιt, thєч αrє hαppч. Yσυ αrє wєlcσmє😉, I αccєpt pαчmєnt ín thє fσrm σf thαt wσmαn cruѕh thíngч ( Ingαnє єngαkhαlí ífєlα єmbєℓєkwєní😀). If I cσntínuє tσ gєt nσnє I'ℓℓ dєlєtє єvєrч pícturє thαt hαѕ αnч uѕєful ínfσrmαtíσn😂. Ngιуαncíkíѕєlαnα phєlα ngαkhulα ngєzíkhαfhí zσdlαmє, "Sιzσkumpímp' umα ungαgwαzí "😂. Wєll gσ σn Lαdiєѕ αnd stαrt using this. I'll rєpσѕt thє cєllulitє αnd kiwi ѕtuff fσr yσu if ningiqαbulα єzinqєni єnσugh tσdαу,yσu αlrєαdy knσw😂.Gσσd mσrning tєαm αngєkє ѕidlαlωє ikiwi nєminyαmα. Lєt's dunusα αnd gσνσzα in pєαcє😂. Sσng | Adσnαi By Sαrkσdiє

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Buhle’s latest hot video comes a few days after she set the internet ablaze with a steamy video of her twerking in nothing but a thong.H owever, though some can’t wait for her to drop some new sizzling hot pics, others took offense seeing them. Apparently, some women called her out over her indiscriminate ‘displays of nudity’.

Nevertheless, US-based fashionista Buhle Mkhize was quite unfazed about what they think about her lifestyle. According to Buhle, she will not be changing anything about the way she lives her life. At least not because some people are not comfortable with it.

In the meantime, she dropped a souvenir (a video of her twerking half naked) and a sarcastic apology to all those who were offended by her posts.