Yolandi Visser Net Worth: How The Die Antwoord Co-founder Made Her Millions

Yolandi Visser’s net worth is $10 million. The 40 year old South African singer and actress known as Anri du Toit, became a millionaire mainly due to her role as the lead vocalist for the rap-rave group Die Antwoord. Her acting work has also contributed to her overall wealth.

The adopted daughter of clergyman Rev. Ben du Toit, life had not always been a bag of roses for Visser. Growing up, she found it difficult to fit in anywhere. Things eventually changed when she was sent to a boarding school where she was excelling among creatives and those who had artistic minds. She has since then developed to become the singer we know her to be.

How Yolandi Visser’s Music Venture With Die Antwoord Earned Her A $10 Million Net Worth

The monetary accruals from her music career form a huge part of Yolandi Visser’s $10 million net worth. Her career in music which spans over two decades began professionally between 2002 and 2003 when Watkin Tudor Jones, better known as Ninja, requested that she contribute to his project – The Constructus Corporation – with her beautiful vocals.

The music group – which was only active for one year – released their debut album titled The Ziggurat in 2003. While with the group, Visser was nicknamed Anica the Snuffling. Judging from the fact that the group was active for just one year, being a part of it may not have contributed significantly to the singer’s net worth and since she has not revealed how much she made from being a part of the group, we also can’t say for sure.

She Got The Stage Name Yolandi Visser When She Was Part Of MaxNormal.TV

Working with MaxNormal.TV, Yolandi Visser doubled as a personal assistant, as well as a vocalist. While performing with MaxNormal, she went by the stage name Yolandi Visser, the name she has retained to date.

In 2008, the group officially released their debut album titled Good Morning South Africa. The same year, the band released a DVD titled Goeie More Zuid Afrika, containing music videos, 13 skits, and short films. One of the most popular songs by MaxNormal is ‘Tik Tik Tik’. The music video sees Yolandi playing the role of a girl who runs away from home and has two different fates depending on the choice she makes.

Not long after the release of Good Morning South Africa, MaxNormal.TV broke up to allow Watkin Tudor Jones (who was also the founder of MaxNormal) the time to focus on the creation of Die Antwoord.

While MaxNormal was still very much active, the group had two albums, one EP, and an appearance in Organ Grinder on The Fantastic Kill by Watkin Tudor Jones in 2005. As a member of the group, Yolandi Visser must have gotten a share of the financial earnings of the group, however, we do not know her exact percentage benefit. Be that as it may, her earnings with MaxNormal must have contributed to her $10 million net worth, seeing that the group evolved to birth Die Antwoord.

Ninja, Yolandi Visser And HITEK5000 Formed Die Antwoord In 2008

Following the disbandment of MaxNormal.TV, Ninja, Visser, and HITEK5000 went on to create Die Antwoord, a music group that is now credited as the major source of Yolandi Visser’s huge net worth. In 2009, the band which strongly stands for Zef, a South African counterculture movement, released their debut album titled $O$, and instead of changing her stage name, it was restyled to ¥o-Landi Vi$$er.

Their debut album was free online and their official video for one of the songs in the album titled ‘Enter the Ninja’ gained international recognition and saw them sign a contract with Interscope Records. However, as a result of the record label’s pressure to make their songs more generic so that more people can like them, their contract did not last as Die Antwoord refused to yield to the pressure and preferred leaving the record label instead.

Upon leaving Interscope, Die Antwoord went on to create their own independent record label called Zef Recordz, and in 2012, they released their second album titled Tension. 2014 saw the release of yet another album titled Donker Mag and in 2016, they released Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid.

After 2016, they did not release any new albums until 2020 when The House of Zef was released. Aside from her association with Die Antwoord, Yolandi Visser is not known to have her own solo career.

Die Antwoord Has One Of The Biggest YouTube Channels In South Africa

It is difficult to say for sure how much they have made from all these albums, but judging from the fact that their YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed to in South Africa and their videos on the channel are monetized, we can tell that they make thousands of dollars from YouTube only.

Almost all the music videos on the channel have millions of views and their most watch video on the channel is Baby’s on Fire. The official video that was uploaded 9 years ago has amassed over 257 million views. More than four of their videos have crossed 100 million views and the rest have hundreds of thousands of views. The least viewed music video on the channel is above 20k views. The reason why we are taking the time to tell you about their video views is that these views equally contribute to the income of the group.

But sadly, we can’t say for sure how much percent of the money that comes from their YouTube channel goes to Yolandi Visser, but judging from the fact that she is a co-founder of Die Antwoord, she should be getting a significant share of the largesse.

Yolandi Visser Is Also An Actress

From Die Antwoord’s music videos, you can obviously tell that Yolandi Visser is an amazing actress and aside from the money she has made from their music, she has also made earned from being featured in some South African movies.

In 2008, the creative vocal artist who also doubles as an actress was featured in Goeie More Zuid Africa DVD. After this, she was solely active in the music industry following the formation of Die Antwoord. A couple of years later, Yoladi Visser landed two acting gigs in Tokoloshe (2010) and Umshimi Wam (2011).

In 2015, she was featured in what can be described as one of her most popular acting roles in the American sci-fi action movie titled Chappie. She starred alongside big names in the Hollywood industry like Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, Sharlto Copley, and her Die Antwoord partner Ninja.

Because it is rare to see anyone who goes about announcing how much they make from all their career ventures, we also cannot say how much she made from these movies, but we know that they contributed to her $10 million net worth.

She Makes Money From Die Antwoord Merch Sales

It is common for most celebrities and celebrity groups who have a popular brand to create merchandise and sell to fans who will like to associate themselves with the brand and Die Antwoord, one of the most famous Zef groups, is no exception.

On the official Die Antwoord website, fans can purchase Zef merchandise that ranges from face caps, hoodies, track pants, polos, Die Antwoord Buck Logo Slipmat, sweatshirts, and sweatpants, all at very affordable prices.

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