Ghost Hlubi Net Worth: What Does He Do For A Living?

Ghost Hlubi has a net worth estimated at around $3 million (55 million Rand). He made his money as a content creator and influencer famed for his comedic and prank videos. 

Ghost’s journey into content creation began in 2017 on YouTube. Through his videos, he entertains his fans and also makes substantial income from them. So far, his channel has millions of views and over 500,000 subscribers. He is currently one of the fast-rising South African YouTubers.

What is Ghost Hlubi’s Net Worth In Rands

Ghost Hlubi’s net worth in Rands is about R55 million. The YouTuber has attained an amazing level of superstardom in the elite stratosphere of local content creation, making him one of the highest-paid South African content creators.

Hlubi is a multimillionaire, and his wealth comes from a combination of content creation and brand promotion.

What Does Ghost Hlubi Do For A Living?

A well-known figure on social media, Ghost Hlubi produces digital entertainment and has a sizable fan base. His videos are mostly pranks, comedies, and vlogs, and he primarily uploads them to YouTube.

Ever since he started, the YouTuber’s career in content creation has advanced rapidly. In the year since he started his channel, Hlubi has racked up more than 500,000 subscribers.

In addition, he uses sites like Instagram to advertise his trade. Along with posting his own content on Instagram, he also earns extra money by promoting the products and services of different brands to his over 500,000 followers.

There is no limit to the heights Hlubi can reach in his career if he continues to create content and gain the trust of his audience. He has made over 100 YouTube videos currently.

How Much Does Ghost Hlubi Make?

Ghost Hlubi’s videos across his social media platforms notoriously rake in impressive income, but no one is aware of how much he makes from them. He has undoubtedly done pretty well for himself within the industry.

Hlubi has been able to build his career with his massive social media presence ever since he launched his career. He has created several entertaining videos for his fans, and he’s determined to keep the number of his followers growing with more interesting and new content.

However, content creation definitely isn’t the only way Ghost makes bank. He promotes the goods and services of companies, however, the amount from this hustle is not public knowledge.

The local online sneaker store, Sneaker Couture, is one of the brands he often promotes on his Instagram page.

Major Sources of Ghost Hlubi’s Income

  • YouTube
  • Brand Influencing/Brand Promotion

Are Ghost Hlubi’s Cars Real?

It is quite difficult to determine the number of cars Ghost Hlubi owns. He’s been seen cruising around with a lot of them, including when he is hanging around his friends.

There is no way to tell if he is actually the owner of all the cars he’s been seen. The YouTuber, however, has made several videos of him buying his dream car in his 20s. As a prankster, many believe most of his videos are stunts, which even makes it difficult to determine if his cars are real.

Hlubi once shared a video of two luxury cars parking side by side in his house, and one of them is BMW M4. This particular luxury is his favourite car, as he’s often seen in.

Is Ghost Hlubi’s House Real?

Ghost Hlubi owns a house, but the features, worth, and location of the property are not accessible to the public. He has made a couple of videos of himself in what appears to be his apartment, and from what is perceivable, it is quite befitting and classy too.


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