Pam Andrews Biography, Net Worth and Where She Is Now

Pam Andrews is a 39-year-old singer and actress with a net worth of over $100,000 (over R1.8 million). Born on September 7th, 1984, Pam became famous as a member of 101 and for her role as Gail October in Rhythm City.

A talented singer, Andrews’ passion for music led her to join the music group 101, which eventually emerged as the winner of the Popstar singing competition.  She later switched to acting and became well-recognized for her roles in the eTV drama series Backstage and Rhythm City. Though she dropped her music career to focus on acting, the actress later resurrected her career and started performing gigs at corporate events. Presently, she seems more focused on her family life.

Pam Andrews’ Biography Summary

  • Full name: Pamela Andrews
  • Nickname: Pam Andrews
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: September 7th, 1984
  • Pam Andrews’ Age: 39 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Pam Andrews’ Husband: Voytek Pieron
  • Pam Andrews’ Children: 1 son – Cedric Thivilin Junior
  • Pam Andrews’ Net worth: $100,000+ (over R1.8 million)
  • Famous for: Being a former member of music group 101 and her role as Gail October in Rhythm City
  • Pam Andrews’ Instagram: @pamandrews_
  • Twitter: @MissPamAndrews
  • Facebook: @PamAndrews

How Old Is Pam Andrews?

Born on September 7th, 1984, Pam Andrews is 39 years old. Her birthplace is Heideveld in Cape Town, and she also grew up in her hometown. Virgo is the actress’ Zodiac sign, and she is a South African national.

Pam Andrews Rose to Fame as a Member of Music Group, 101

As a kid, Pam Andrews performed in variety shows in Cape Town and desired to be a singer. She later joined the music group 101, and in 2002, they grabbed the headlines as they emerged winners of the reality TV singing competition, Coca-Cola Popstars. Andrews subsequently stayed with the group for a while before deciding to abandon her career and move to acting.

She, however, got her passion for singing rekindled after watching a video of her little self performing in a variety show. She went on to perform gigs at corporate shows. Due to her tight acting engagements, the Cape Town-born was unable to release her own songs and albums. Instead, she would do songs by other artists such as Rihanna, Madonna, and Alicia Keys.

She mostly performed on weekends as she had to be on shooting scenes as well and equally take care of her family. Pam Andrews was satisfied with the pace her music career was going at the time as she had control over her bookings and was still raking in substantial fortune from her weekend gigs.

Andrews Veered Into Acting in 2003

Pam Andrews made her acting debut in the year 2003, portraying the character of Frankie in the soap opera Backstage. She subsequently scored the role of Roxy in the first and second seasons of the SABC1 drama series Tshisa. She was also cast as Cleo in Triomf and featured as herself in the first season of Tropika Island of Treasure.

Pam Andrews’ Most Prominent Role as Gail on Rhythm City

In 2007, Andrews joined the cast of Rhythm City as Gail October – a brave, upfront, and ambitious young woman. Gail worked at Redemption Records as Miles Vilakazi’s Personal Assistant before David Genaro (Jamie Bartlett) took charge of the company. She later left to join another record company, Hustle, before ending up as a DJ on 9-Nine.

As David desperately wanted an heir, he offered Gail a transactional relationship and promised her the security and comfort she could ever desire. She then fell pregnant with David’s son in January 2012 and, afterward, delivered her baby Quinton. Afraid of the gang taking revenge on his son and partner, David asked his men to take Gail and Quinton to a safe place.

Subsequently, Pam Andrews announced her departure from Rhythm City in January 2015. After she returned from Europe in February 2017, she met several closed doors, having had a series of failed auditions. She was discouraged and devastated at the time. Fortunately, she was called by the Rhythm City producers to take up her role as Gail October a few days after opening up about her struggles to land a role.

She made a comeback on Rhythm City in November 2017 and wowed the viewers with her breathtaking performance. The soapie, which also featured Mduduzi Mabaso, Zamani Mbatha, and Nompilo Gwala, was canceled in 2021.

What Is Pam Andrews’ Net Worth?

Pam Andrews is said to be worth over $100,000 (over R1.8 million). She once disclosed that her weekend corporate show gigs earned her incredible wealth. Though she was reluctant to say the actual fee for her booking, she stated that it was a bit more than R20,000 per gig. She also gathered her wealth from her several years of being part of Rhythm City cast and other productions as well.

Who Is Pam Andrews Married to?

Pam Andrews is married to Voytek Pieron. She tied the knot with the Polish businessman in early 2014, a few days after finalizing her divorce from her first husband. Pam met her now-husband through a friend, who is also an actress. Pamela was introduced to Pieron by their mutual friend at a fashion show in 2013, where she modeled for Gert-Johan Coetzee.

Smitten by Pam’s beauty while sitting in the crowd, the businessman insisted on getting introduced to the Capetonian. And a year later, they were already married. Occasionally, the lovely couple are spotted at events together. Although it’s speculated that there exists a 28-year age gap between Pam and her husband, the two seem to be madly in love, and their union has lasted for over nine years.

Pam Andrews’ First Marriage to Cedric Thivilin

In the year 2008, Pam Andrews married her first husband, Cedric Thivilin, a French Engineer who came to South Africa for the Gautrain project. Four years into the marriage, the actress admitted that she was totally in love with her husband. Nevertheless, their love later grew cold, and they divorced in 2014. The former couple reportedly grew apart and were left with no option but to go their separate ways.

Does Pam Andrews Have a Child?

Yes, Pam Andrews has a son named Cedric Thivlin Junior. She gave birth to her son in 2012 whilst married to her first husband. Meanwhile, the former Rhythm City actress disclosed that she had a miscarriage twice in 2010, and it was then she realized how much she wanted a child. As a result, Pam is a doting mom who puts her child and family first.

Interestingly, she was featured together with Cedric as a mother and child when she returned to Rhythm City in late 2017. And she was happy to have shared the screen with her then five-year-old son, whom she dubbed a natural actor.

What Is Pam Andrews Doing Now?

Pam Andrews is currently focused on her family life and vlogging career. She vlogs about fashion, beauty, and everyday experiences on Instagram and YouTube. Since she got married to Pieron, they have traveled on several business trips. She and her son often travel with her husband for his business ventures overseas, mostly in London, UK, and Monaco, France.

In July 2015, Pam revealed that she was moving with her family to Europe, and they later came back after spending several months there. She also posted on Instagram in 2020 that she was in the UK, and from her social media posts, the 39-year-old still resides in the country.

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